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Berezin Stereo offers a full line of newly manufactured stereo slide and card viewers.

Confused?  Consult our Viewer Selection chart.

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Computer monitor and Tablet viewers   Slide Viewers  Card (Print) Viewers  Viewmaster   Smartphone,VR, Ipad and Ipod

Computer Monitor, Tablet and Large Print 3D Viewers

Pocket 3D Vu

Our Pocket 3Dvu has everything you need to view parallel 3D images.  From 3D Keystone type stereocards (3 1/2" x 7"), tablets, computer screens to large TV displays can be viewed in stunning 3D with this viewer.  Using front surface mirrors, an adjustable aspect ratio control and a mirror distance adjuster images can be viewed from a distance of around 6 inches to 14 feet.  This viewer is great for tablets and monitors of any size! More Info

Freeviewer's Assistant formally the One Eye Stereoscope

This is a one-eye stereoscope.  It works by using a set of lenses to superimpose the left image onto the right for easy viewing.  It takes a little time to master but the results are well worth it.  It can be used on any variety of side by side (Parallel def) formats as well as being the one of the only viewers of its type that can view an over/under (Viewmagic type) and cross-eyed stereoview.  It has an optional adjustable headstrap for long term or hands free use.  To use it for over/under pairs simply orientate it in the vertical position.  Use without the headstrap for a portable 3d viewer that will fit in your pocket or purse!

1i One Eye Stereoscope with adjustable head strap  $19.95
screenvu.jpg (135556 bytes)


This side by side viewer works for prints or for the computer monitor.

388Ps.jpg (51177 bytes)

The Pixi Viewer and the Loreo Lite viewers

The Pixi Viewer and Loreo Lite viewers are inexpensive hands free viewer which work great viewing side by sides on a computer monitor.  

ScreenScope Handheld

Great for Viewing Side by Side Prints and computer screen.  Adjustable Mirrors!  Magnification!Eliminate all driver, monitor and software compatibility issues when viewing images on Computer.  se the ScreenScope Mirrored viewer for maximum comfort.  

Smart Phone 3D and VR Viewers

my3dwhite.gif (29581 bytes)

Hasbro My3D Viewer (Available in Black or White) New Low Price!

With the MY3D viewer, you can now experience 3D and 360 degrees of entertainment on your IPhone or iPod touch (works in models before the Iphone 5). 


Our New Phone3DVU is here! Also works with medium format slides Phone 3DVU for phones 6.5-7.5 inches. Also works as a medium format slide viewer. This viewer contains no lenses and works using a unique concave mirror system. All mirrors are first surface. It allows for a longer focal length and does not use the suboptimal fresnel lens of most phone viewers. This allows viewing from the window at eye level and also a few inches from the viewer if preferred.


The new OWL Virtual Reality Kit takes the existing OWL Stereo Viewer and, through use of a simple but ingenious adaptor, enables its use with a smart phone not only to view online 3-D images, but also those taken by the user, and commercially available VR content.

Slide Viewers

pinsharp.jpg (75971 bytes)

Pinsharp and Supersharp

A 2 x 2 x 2 viewer with variable inter pupillary distance. This viewer combines sharp optics with interocular adjustment in an affordable format.   Interocular adjustment allows the user to adjust the spacing between the lenses.  We now also have the Supersharp Viewer which has achromatic lens!

Franka Achromatic Realist and 2 x 2 x 2 Slide Viewer

We no longer have this viewer.  However, we do the adapters that went with it.  These include the Realist format or 2 x 2 x 2 Adapters.  More info

realistwslides.jpg (134147 bytes)

Available Light Stereo Slide Viewers

These are the economical choice for viewing stereo and 2 x 2 slides.  They are inexpensive enough to give away to friends and customers!  We also have a new 3D Explorer viewer with Glass lenses!

Click here to go to viewer section.

Cardboard Mailable slide viewers

These viewers include a wallet for mailing 3 views and a way to view your 3D Slides.  Great for sharing your slides and keeping them dust-free.

Elvira Viewers

This versatile viewer will view 2x2, Realist format, and a special sequential card format.  This allows you to mount 7 views together and view them without constantly changing slides.

Medium Format 3D Viewer

This mailable viewer is for viewing medium format slides.  It also works for small prints and smartphones.  We also have a medium format slide cutter and mounts available here.

Card (print) Viewers

Lite-Owl-03.jpg (67705 bytes)  

Owl Lite

Designed by Brian May, the Lite Owl is so small, thin and light that it can be slipped into a pocket or worn round the neck with a cord so that it is always at hand.  It can be used to view modern or vintage stereocards, stereo illustrations in books and magazines but also 3-D videos and even VR content on your smartphone.



woodscope.jpg (122809 bytes)

Holmes Pedestal Stereoscope

This is a handsome stereoscope which is large enough for people with glasses to use comfortably.  It can be viewed on a pedestal or by hand. 


owl.jpg (59187 bytes)

Owl Viewer!

The OWL, designed by Queen Guitarist Brian May, is a unique, high quality, stereo focusing viewer, which packs into a space only 1/3 inch thick, yet assembles in 15 seconds into a rigid precision instrument which is equally at home sitting on a page to view stereo illustrations in a book, or used in the hand as the perfect viewer for stereo cards - classic or modern.  It has extra large lenses so anyone can use it regardless of eye spacing.  More Info 

More Details!

Hyper-View Large Format Stereo Viewer

This Large Format Stereo Viewer was designed to allow the viewer to see a large unobstructed image (up to 11 inches wide, 22 inches for the pair). This is accomplished by using front surface mirrors.  



Small Card Viewer, views prints, cards, medium format slides and Parallel images on the Ipod and Iphone.  It can also fold flat for easy mailing.

product_lite_viewer_nocap_bw_3_400.gif (50461 bytes)

Loreo Lite and Pixi Viewer

The Lite 3D Viewer and the Pixi viewers are Parallel Format (side-by-side) Print Viewers made of cardboard. The Lite viewer works well as a Computer Monitor Viewer for small to medium sized images. the Pixi is for medium to large images.  Cheap, lightweight, foldable and mailable, they fold flat to the thickness of its lenses (7 mm) and fits into a 4 x 6 photo album sleeve. More info  It can also fold flat for easy mailing.

3dpostcard2sm.gif (35021 bytes)

Fold-Flat Mailable Cardboard Stereo Print Viewers

These are great for sharing your beamsplitter, Loreo/Argus 3D camera, and computer made stereo pairs with friends. It can also fold flat for easy mailing.

pentaxonprint.jpg (30768 bytes)

Pentax Optio print viewer and Stereopticon print viewer

These work with most of our camera attachments and are also great for looking at smaller stereo pairs in books. It can also fold flat for easy mailing.

kmqSSG1b.jpg (64936 bytes) KMQ Viewer

This is a plastic lorgnette type viewer for viewing over/under stereo pairs (def). This works well for panoramic pairs which are too wide to be viewed in side-by side format (def).  Most people use this for viewing printed pairs.

Mini-Viewer and Maxi Viewer

These work with most of our camera attachments and is a hold up stereo card viewer.  Will work with smaller stereo images.

More details!

Plastic Stereo Card Viewer (Lorgnette)

This viewer is made for viewing Holmes cards (the most popular format of stereo prints) and can be used for smaller cards.  It is prismatic, made of a high quality plastic and can be used to view the reproduction Holmes cards, and the images in some of the books that we offer). It can also fold flat for easy mailing.

Wheatstone Mini!

Wheatstone Mini-Scope

This little scope can do a big job.  It can view small to large stereo images, whether prints, in a book or on the computer screen. 

View Magic

Over/Under ViewMagic Print Viewer

This is an over under mirrored viewer that will allow you to view prints made from a single or twinned conventional camera (any format 35mm, 110, Polaroid...) in 3D.   Simply place the pictures in an over/under format.  It works well for panoramic 3d viewers on a computer as well.  

mapscope.jpg (2835 bytes) Mapscopes

These include an inexpensive folding stereoscope used in mapping and sometimes in mounting stereo pairs and our other forestry scopes for viewing prints, mounting and stereo cards!

PSopen.gif (15016 bytes) Pokescope

This mini-viewer can view small cards and large cards and computer images... it works with any stereo image size. 

Viewmaster Viewers

Mini Viewer Red.jpg (268536 bytes)

View Master Compact Viewer

This cute little viewer comes in a small bag ready for mailing.  Hold it up to a lamp or neutral background and enjoy your reels immediately!  

Viewer Black.jpg (157109 bytes)

View Master Image 3D viewer

Unlike the View Master viewers found in toy stores, the black viewer does not let in extraneous light.  This allows for more comfortable viewing, whether looking at a cartoon reel with your kids or viewing on of our high quality View Master format products.  



Slide Viewers  Card (Print) and Computer monitor Viewers  Viewmaster


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