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The question...How do I present my Stereoviews in a professional manner at a gallery or museum?  The answer...hyper.jpg (211255 bytes)

The Hyper-View Large Format Stereo Print Viewer

This Large Format Stereo Viewer was designed and manufactured in order to provide the highest quality stereo image currently available.  It does this by eliminating lenses from the system and allowing the viewer to see a large unobstructed image (up to 12 inches wide for each image, 22-24 inches for the pair). This is accomplished by using front surface mirrors. David Lee's goal in inventing the Hyperview was to provide a reasonably priced viewer which would allow the viewer to perceive the entire image from the ortho-stereo position, without the distortion and image degradation inherent in the currently available lensed viewers.  It works great in combination with stereo photo maker software and a 22-24 inch monitor.  Please contact us for a link to the free stereoscopic player software or search for it. 

hyperback.jpg (146377 bytes)Unlike other currently available mirrored stereoscopes this viewer allows an individual to get close enough to a large image to see the entire image at the same time. The viewer results in the some of the highest quality stereo imaging available today.  It was designed for the photographic artist who wants to get the most out of his/her carefully crafted prints.IMG_8781.JPG (672825 bytes)

The Large Format Viewer is held in front of the face by grasping the handles on each side of the viewer. The viewer is black with a pebble finish. The viewer is 16" wide, 6" high, and 5" deep.  Below are some articles about using the viewer with a film camera but it is much easier to use with a monitor or a digitally printed pair. The viewer is often used to view blow ups of stereoviews and has been used at Makersfaire, Yosemite Lodge and numerous museums.  It also makes an excellent monitor viewer. 


Instructions for preparing images for viewing with the Hyper-View using film and an enlarger

An article by David Lee the inventor of the Hyper-View about the uniqueness of the viewer

320 Hyper-View Large Format Stereo Viewer $265.00

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