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Over/Under Print Viewers


Viewmagic Basic Model

Quit Wasting Pixels!  View Magic uses all your Ipads Pixels to make up a great stereo image with no screen door effect!  Also great for stereo panoramas!

This is an over under mirrored viewer that will allow you to view images in the over/under 3d format up to 8 inches high.  It works well with tablets, computer screens and prints in the orientation where the image can be around 8 inches (4 inches each image).  We have used this with all Ipads and tablets of those dimensions and have had excellent results.  It can also be used with prints made from a single or twinned conventional or any digital camera (any format 35mm, 110, Polaroid...).  

It is designed to be used with 2 prints shot with  the cha cha method or a slide bar method, a twin camera (two monoscopic cameras paired), or a full frame stereo camera such as the RBT or Fuji W3.  With this viewer, the two separate prints can then be viewed.  To format an image for the viewer the right image should be placed on top of the left image.  This can be done by printing the stereo image as 2 4 x 6 pairs in landscape format or printing the pair in over/under format.  If your images are already in the side by side format the free program Stereo Photo Maker can be used to place the images in over/under format.  The program can be located at:

It is the easiest viewer to use on this page and is a good viewer for a beginner to stereo photography.  It will give a full frame view of 3.5 x 5 or 4 x 6 inch prints (9x13 or 10 x 15cm).  It also works with 3.5 x 10 inch panoramic prints (9 x 25 cm)!   A great companion for digital stitching programs with stereo digital camera applications.  Don't forget to read our viewer guide for using the viewer.  

321 View Magic Print Viewer (Basic Model) Back in stock! 49.95

ViewMagic 8 x 24 Viewer

For Larger Pairs...Prints from 8 to 12 inches high

This viewer is basically identical to the viewer shown above but was designed for larger over/under prints and monitors in the landscape format.  The viewer can handle images from 8 to 12 inches tall (25 to 30cm).  It is designed for viewing from 2 feet or more.  It will also work with larger over/under photos from further away.

322 View Magic Large Print Viewer (over/under) Back in Stock!  69.95

Coming Soon the side by side!!

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