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All our stereoscopes are made of solid cherry wood.  They are fashioned to accommodate people with eyeglasses!

Scopes        Parts        Cards

Stereoscope (Assembled) 

THIS BEAUTIFUL HAND-MADE replica of the stereoscope designed by Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1861 is ideally suited as a functional, entertaining, and decorative accessory for your living room. Built entirely of hand-finished wood, it features a focus adjustment slide, a genuine leather hood (large enough to accommodate eyeglasses wearers!).  It is hand polished and made of solid hardwood.  The hardwood changes due to what is available so please enquire before purchasing.  

image.gif (1240506 bytes) 383.gif (389759 bytes)

It also has some new improved features:

Solid Wood Face-Plate

Exquisite hardware

New more durable construction 

Now comes with a removable pedestal!   

Stereoscope can be used without a pedestal!

It comes with some reproduction stereocards.


We have a pine version available.  It is the same as above and has the softer wood pine. It has a much stronger grain. 

383 Holmes Stereoscope Hardwood $139.95
383P Holmes Stereoscope Pine  $119.95

We also offer replacement lenses in both glass and plastic for the stereoscopes shown  above (and other parts).  See Stereoscope Lenses .

Other Stereocard sets available!

Stereoscope Parts

Cardholder Carrier

This is the part of a stereoscope that holds the cards and includes the brass wire cardholders, hardware and crosspiece.  Will fit most stereoviewers although may need some modification on some (sanding the channel so it will fit).  It is made of solid hardwood.  383CC.JPG (91548 bytes)
383CC Cardholder Carrier  $19.95

New Card Holder

This special card holder holds10-20 cards!  It is made to match the stereoscope and is made of solid hardwood.   This is not part of the stereoscope but is a nice holder for the cards before and after they are viewed.  

383ch.gif (907013 bytes)


cardhldr.gif (607597 bytes)


383CH Stereocardholder  $22.95

Leather Replacement Hood for Stereoscope

This hood is used for the stereoscope above and will fit most any Holmes stereoscope.   

HOD Leatherette Replacement Hood  $23.95

Metal Replacement Hood For Stereoscope

This is a reproduction of the metal stereoscope hoods that were popular in the 1870s.  You may want to add your own felt.  They have a protective plastic layer which can easily be peeled off before use.  The metal has predrilled holes for use with brads to nail it onto your scope.  Brads not included.

HODM Metal Stereoscope Replacement Hood  $24.95

Brass wire cardholders!

These are brass wire cardholders to replace the cardholders on most stereoscopes.  They can also be used on newer stereoscopes and are priced by the pair.

scopewire002.jpg (53936 bytes) scopewire.jpg (31548 bytes)
CRD Metal wire cardholders- pair  $11.95

Lenses for Stereoscopes (Plastic)

These lenses are good lens for making a home made Holmes Stereo scope for viewing stereocards and also act as a good replacement for lenses in the stereoscopes we offer.  These include the stereoscope kit and the pedestal stereoscope.  These lenses are prismatic (wedge-like) which is crucial for viewing Holmes style stereocards.  They are 1.5" square.  These will not fit many older stereoscopes without modification.  

stereoscopelensesflat.jpg (23438 bytes) scopelenscropped.jpg (29343 bytes)
509 Stereoscope lenses (pair) $11.95

Reproduction Stereocards

Please see stereocards for more information and a listing of these cards.  They fit in any Holmes stereoscope including the ones mentioned above!

614 Assorted Reproduction Stereocards Set (50 cards) STOCK LOW $24.95
611 Assorted Keystone Reproductions (20) $9.95
612 Dale Walsh Color stereocard Reproductions (13) $9.95

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