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3D DVDs Please click on the 3D format you would like to use to select the DVD which will work on your system.

Link Format

Side By Side Interlaced Combo

This DVD has both a field sequential and a side by side version.  It can be viewed on the 3D TVs which use the 3D Blu-Ray Players or older interlaced and field sequential systems. 

watts.jpg (138557 bytes) Side by SIde (for 3D TVs).

This entertaining feature on Watt's towers will work with 3D TV sets!  More info on the feature.


Field Sequential 3D DVDs

These movies can be viewed on any conventional TV or CRT monitor in real 3D with the use of the Shutter Glasses we offer!  All the movies we offer were shot in excellent 3D and are not the poorly done conversions that are often found on the internet.  These are real 3D.  Please make sure to get Shutter Glasses .  This is also called HQFS (High Quality Field Sequential)! HQFS uses electronic shutter glasses instead of red-blue anaglyph. The result is an outstanding picture.  

NEW Alternatively you can view these in other modes (Anaglyph, side by side, 3DLCD, Samsung 3D DLP rear projection 3D enabled TVs) using our Stereoscopic Player Software with a PC computer with Windows More information.  It can then be viewed on you TV assuming you have video or HDMI output from you computer.



These can be viewed on any TV with red/cyan or green/magenta glasses depending on the DVD.


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