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Card (print) Viewers

Lorgnette    AOViewer


Don't forget to look at our cardboard fold flat print viewers! The Lorgnette (pronounced lorn-yet) is for stereocards wider than 5" total we recommend the plastic lorgnette. The viewer is made for viewing Holmes cards (the most popular format of stereo prints) and can This is great for stereo pairs! be used for smaller cards. 

It is prismatic, made of a high quality plastic and can be used to view the reproduction Holmes cards, and the images in some of the books that we offer (Back to Basics and the Civil War in Depth). 

Click here for more information.


540 Plastic Stereo Card Viewer (Lorgnette) 3.49
5401 Plastic stereo card viewer quantity 3 to 49 3.10
5402 Plastic stereo card viewer quantity 50-99 3.00
5403 Plastic stereo card viewer quantity 100+ 2.95

AOVieweraoviewer.jpg (73718 bytes)

This small viewer is for stereo cards of less than 8 inches in total width.  It does not have a bridge piece but works OK for small stereo pairs in books and for 4 x 6 and smaller prints made with the 3D lens in cap, Loreo MKII and stereo beamsplitters.  

5300 AOViewer    3.49
5301 AOViewer stereo card viewer quantity 3 to 99  3.10
5302 AOViewer stereo card viewer quantity 100+  2.95

Owl Lite

Designed by Brian May, the Lite Owl is so small, thin and light that it can be slipped into a pocket or worn round the neck with a cord so that it is always at hand.

It can be used to view modern or vintage stereocards, stereo illustrations in books and magazines but also 3-D videos and even VR content on your smartphone.

Lite-Owl-03.jpg (67705 bytes)

OWLITE Owl Lite Viewer  8.95



OWLITE.jpg (240420 bytes)

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