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Slide Mounts, Mounting Supplies and Slide Storage for Stereo Photography

We offer a wide variety of mounts and equipment for your mounting needs.  From RBT mounts to silver-Mylar light boxes and instructional books we offer all you need to start mounting immediately.

 RBT Mounts    Gepe Mounts    Medium Format   Tape    Foldovers  Aluminum Mounts    Slide Cutter   Tabs     Archival Slide Storage pages   RBT Slide Box Viewmaster reels empty    


Gepe Mounts

We carry Gepe mounts for your 2x2 Mounting Needs! More Info

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RBT Mountsrbt.jpg (84004 bytes)

These are heavy duty plastic mounts available in 4P(Nimslo or Close-up), 5P(Realist), 7P(European, Fed) and 8P(Full-frame and RBT) and are the most accurate of all mounts and easiest to use.  This registration system makes them a snap for beginners and great for advanced users.  Vertical adjustment can be made from 0.2 to 0.4mm.  A channel, tab system allows for simple precision mounting.  Your slides deserve the best!  We also carry a slide box for these mounts!

More Info:

RBT Plastic Mounts- A guide to the RBT Two Way Adjustment System

Tips for using RBT Mounts

240 RBT Mounts 4P Nimslo (50) 21 x 16mm $38.95
240MD RBT MD (close-up 5P) Mounts (50) 23 x 19.5mm $38.95
241 RBT Mounts 5P Realist (50) 23mm x 21mm $38.95
242 RBT Mounts 7P European (50) 23mm x 28mm $38.95
246XCU RBT Mounts Cropped for extreme close-ups using full frame (50) 23mm x 30mm $38.95
243 RBT Mounts Wide cropped (50) 23mm x 31.5mm $38.95
244 RBT Mounts 8P Full Frame (50) 23 x 33mm  $38.95


We offer RBT mounts in a sample pack.  Please specify in comments section of the ordering page which size you want. 

246 RBT Mounts Trial Set Specify 5, 7 or 8P or other Mix and match (10)       $14.95
RBT Mounts    Gepe Mounts    Medium Format   Tape    Slide Cutter   Tabs     Archival Slide Storage pages RBT Slide Box

Medium format black cardboard stereo slide mounts

This mount dimension (132mm x 80mm) has an aperture for 5 x 5 cm medium format slides shot either with a medium format stereo camera (Sputnik, 3D World, Holga...) or twin medium format cameras.  The apertures are 50mm x 50mm spaced 62mm apart. The overall dimension of the folded mount is 132mm x 80mm.  These are heavy weight black cardstock.   361B.jpg (1646820 bytes) medformatmount.jpg (815157 bytes)
361B Black cardboard Medium Format Mounts (Qty. 10) $9.95

Silver Mylar Tape

Silver Mylar Tape Thin Mylar tape with perfectly smooth edges.  The 3/8" designed for either taping slides in the mount or sealing a paper stereo mount. Also useful in binding stereo mounts in glass.  The 1/4 inch is useful for taping chips in stereo mounts.  It is archival!
263 Silver Mylar tape 1/4 inch by 72 yard 18.95
262 Silver Mylar tape 3/8 inch by 72 yard


259 Silver Mylar tape 1/2 inch by 72 yard 21.95

Universal Foldovers

Provides stiff outer binding OVER ALL 1 5/8" x 4" (41mm x 101mm) aluminum stereo masks
Sturdy 6-ply cardboard construction 
Easy-to-use: simply fold over any mask and tape across top to finish using our silver mylar tape.

Photo courtesy Reel3d!

Photo courtesy Reel 3D

2150 Universal Foldovers qty 50 $9.95


Vintage Aluminum Realist Masks (stereo slide mounts)

Shown above, these are the masks used originally with the Realist Camera for mounting your stereo slides (see above).  These are vintage from the 50s.  You place your film chips in form the side and adjust before pinching.  Then use our universal foldovers to give them rigidness.  

Photo courtesy Reel 3D

215 Vintage Realist Stereo Masks (100) $39.95


35mm & Medium Format Slide Film Cutter

Use to this to cut roll slide film into accurate frames. The film formats of most stereo cameras, while using conventional 35mm slide film do not have conventional (8p) slide formats.  Most are smaller.  This necessitates that one must have the film processed without cutting or mounting.  At this point the film must be cut and mounted by the photographer.  This is a guillotine style cutter and while non-illuminated can be placed on a light box for illuminated use.  Our model handles both medium format (120 or 220) and 35mm film.

264M Dual Format Slide Cutter $29.95

Adhesive Positioning Tabswess.jpg (59682 bytes)

These tabs ease positioning slide chips when mounting.  Using tweezers, or your fingers remove tab and place on perforations of film to fix onto mount.  Simply pull on the paper tab holder to make 2 tabs automatically pop up for easy use.  No searching for ends of tape or struggling with tape during the mounting process.  The dispenser holds 1000 1/2 x 1/4" stickers.

260 Adhesive Positioning Tabs $9.95

Viewmaster personal Reel Mounts!

An empty View-Master Personal reel.These are the original Viewmaster personal reel mounts, 6 per pack  for use with slides taken with the Viewmaster personal camera, Meopta Stereo Camera, or using a Photoshop template with stereo images. These are available to ship now.  No waiting!!  Order in quantities of 6.  They come with envelopes!  

269 Viewmaster Personal Reel Mounts (6)




RBT Mounts    Gepe Mounts    Medium Format   Tape    Foldovers  Aluminum Mounts    Slide Cutter   Tabs     Archival Slide Storage pages   RBT Slide Box

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