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Technical Support

Below are links to areas on our site with some helpful information on Stereo Photography.

FAQ Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Glossary   A comprehensive collection of stereo photography terms and their definitions.

Links Links to other stereo photography sites.

Viewer Selection Chart Sort out what stereo viewer is right for you.



3D Facts This is a general introduction of 3D that appeared in the front of the Cygnus Graphic catalog and was written by the owner Duncan Woods.  When we took over most of Cygnus's 3D operations Duncan allowed us to reprint it here.

How we see depth?  This is a section of the original Viewmagic Manual.

Historical notes about Stereo Photography.  A brief survey of the history of stereo photography and where our products fit in.

Viewing Stereo Images on a Computer A brief survey.

Stereo Photography Tips and Tutorials

Lens Separation in Stereo Photography An advanced discussion for two camera photography by David Lee.

Tips for Stereophotography Read this to get ideas of how to improve your photography techniques.

Instructions for the Franka Beamsplitter, which we used to sell but is no longer available.

Tips for scanning an entire roll of Realist Film (before cutting). from renowned phantogram producer Terry Wilson

Viewmagic Instructions and Tips

Viewmagic with the Ipad This is for using the Viewmagic with the Ipad, or larger Android tablets

Mounting Prints for the Viewmagic Viewer  Here are instructions for mounting prints for use with the Viewmagic Viewer if you are printing them out individually or from a service. 

Aligning Prints for the Viewmagic Viewer    Here are instructions for aligning prints for use with the Viewmagic Viewer if you are printing them out individually or from a service. 

Cleaning and Handling the Viewmagic Viewer


Instruction Book for TDC Colorist Stereo Camera (Works with I or II) PDF File requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Instructions for NuView 3D Attachment PDF File requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

We no longer offer this product, but if you have one, this will help.

Instructions for the Elvira Stereo Viewer

Instructions for the Wheatstone Miniscope

Assembly Instructions for the Sceenscope Laptop This is how to put together our ScreenScope Laptop.

Assembly Instructions the Screenscope LCD  This is how to put together our ScreenScope LCD.

Tutorials for Stereoscopic Player (watch your 3d Movies in any format)

Using Stereoscopic Player with two source video files (left and right).

Using Stereoscopic Player to view our interlaced videos in other formats.

Building, Maintaining or Modifying Stereo Photography Equipment

Stereo Slide Bar Instructions for making a stereo slide bar out of a drawer slide.  Allows single camera stereo photography.

8-P Modification for the Fed Stereo Camera.  Eddie Butt's instructions for modifying a Fed stereo camera to full frame.

Cleaning and Re-Adjusting the TDC Project-or-View  by Flextone.  You'll be surprised at the improvement of the images after cleaning this 1950s projector/viewer. Large schematic by Mike Canter.

Making a Clip on 3D Viewer- This interesting article by Duke shows how to make a book viewer out of our Mini-Loreo Viewer.

Replacing Lenses on Kodaslide I Stereo Viewer-  This article details a nice way to upgrade the lenses on a Kodaslide stereo viewer.

Twinning Cameras

Dual Cable Release Richard Rylander's Instructions on how to make a dual cable release out of 2 single releases.

Building an electronic twin camera remote.  For the Canon EOSs.

Twinning two Canon Rebels.  Fully illustrated article by Jim Norman.

Twinning two Ricoh XR-10Ms This is a step by step instructions photographed in stereo on the assembly of a twinned Ricoh unit.  Jim Harp went into great detail with these instructions.

Twinning Pentax ZX-Ms This article by Vlad Rex goes into detail regarding the twinning of a Pentax film student camera.

Making Your Own Stereocards 

These are a series of handouts done by renowned stereographer David Lee.  Most were presented at the 2000 NSA (National Stereoscopic Association) meeting in Mesa, AZ.

Mounting your cards This illustrated article goes over mounting your own stereocards as from the basics, to setting your stereo window and making jigs.

Printing Two Images on One sheet for stereocards Advanced, printing two images on one sheet of paper.

A Black and White Stereo Printing System Robert Vaughan looks at some methods for putting stereo prints on cards, advanced.

Putting Graphics on your cards using Printshop A method for putting professional looking graphics on your cards using an inexpensive program.

Analysis of Window Position and Depth in a Stereo Card Goes over setting the stereo window for cards.


About the HyperView- A technical overview of the large format print viewer.

Instructions for preparing images for viewing with the Hyper-View.


Stereo Base Calculator   This helps you determine the optimal camera separation of two cameras taking stereo photographs.


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