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Below are some sets of high quality reproduction stereocards that are to be viewed using a Holmes type stereoscope or with a plastic lorgnette.  They are enjoyable to view and they can be shared with friends or given to children without the fear of destruction.

Dale Walsh Color Stereocard Reproductions

These are 13 cards that were originally part of a 3D calendar which are now standard size color stereoviews.  They were photographed by renown contemporary Canadian 3d photographer Dale Walsh.  It was printed commercially on Kalima 10 point paper using a recto-verso, litho offset 4 color process at 2400 dots per inch (DPI) with a line screen of 175 (LPI) lines per inch.  This means you can view it with magnification without any dots visible.  


612.jpg (121504 bytes)





SKU 612 Dale Walsh Color Stereocards (13 cards) $9.95



20 View Stereoview
Assorted Reproduction Keystone and other Stereoviews

This set includes 20 high quality reproduction (lithographic) of stereo views from the Keystone View Company and other stereo card manufacturers printed on high quality stiff stock. Most have lengthy descriptions written on the back of the cards. The original titles are listed as written and a picture of the card can be viewed by clicking on the index number.  Due to print run lengths the sets may differ slightly from what is shown. They include:

18676 - How France Aided Her Fighters- Renault Tanks Going to the Front
10496 - Breaking dishes as Well as Hearts.

3079 - The Bank of England and Royal Exchange London (Back)
8097 - One million Six hundred Thousand Dollars
V26357 - General Lee's Headquarters 
V23181 - In the Village of Blackfeet Indians near St. Mary's Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana
26083 - Powder on the way to Commodore Perry, Lake Erie
508 a - Bliss
509b - Bliss Disturbed
V15893 - Monastery of Monserrat where tradition locates the Castle of Knights of the Holy Grail-near Barcelona, Spain
32372 - "All Aboard!" Giant Plane at Columbus, O., on First Air-Rail Trip, New York to Los Angeles, July 2 1929.
11530 - Gold Miners and Dog Team North of the Arctic Circle, Alaska.

Underwood and Underwood
6950 - A glorious May-day among the daisies.
5723 - Acrobats far from their mountain home-grizzly bears in a street at Jacksonville, Florida.

H. C. White Co.
8701 - General View of burned area, (Market St. on left) from Ferry Tower, San Francisco Disaster, USA. 

H. H. Bennett
313 - Chicago and Vicinity. Looking through the Ferris Wheel, near the top.

Kilburn Brothers
1948 - "Haste thee Winter-Haste away, far too long has been thy stay."

George Barker
931 - Niagara-Five feet of Frozen Spray on Arch in Prospect Park On line of N.Y.C. & H.R.R.R.

Universal Photo Art Co.
5599 - The morning after the snowstorm.

Unknown photographer
57 - La Torture en Enfer.


611 Assorted Keystone and other Reproductions (20 cards) 9.95



NEW! We have similar sets of 50 See below.

These are lithographic on card stock and come with a PVC plastic holder.  These are printed on both sides with the original descriptions printed on the back side.  Due to print run lengths the sets may differ slightly from what is shown. Order quickly only a few sets left!

Assorted Reproduction Stereocards Square Corner Set (50 cards)

32400T00 - The Great White Way
55990000 - The morning after the snowstorm
00000000 - 4 Dead On Round Top
(57)-1792 - The Matterhorn, seen from the Schwarzaee Switzerland
82880000 - Photographing New York City on a slender support
V2635700 - General Lee's Headquarters
V14656T0 - The Leaning Tower and and Eleventh Century Cathedral
937000000- The Dream
900000000- Harry C Morse The Little Trout Fisher
201000000- State Street
P-1820900 - Grocery man Selling Supplies
137720000- Up Broadway and Fifth Ave
240000000- Laiberte's Fur Parlor
35070000 - Hindu Devotee Doing Penance
3079T000 - One of the Great Financial Centers
70070000 - John Brown's Fort
Set 80000 - Clifford Calverley
69500000 - A glorious May Day
46800000 - American Falls from Luna Island
V27806T   - Royal Dining Hall
50450000 - Cliff House
12909000 - Loading Cattle by the horns
11258000 - Boys picking slate
64570000 - Memories olden times
30000000 - Worker Washington DC
V15893T   - Monastery of Monserrat
16881000 - Market Street looking East
V1885400 - His Last Flight
10061000 - Traveling by the Underwood Travel System
52530000 - Christmas Morning
18676000 - How France Aided Her Fighters
10577000 - Their First Dancing Lesson
10000000 - Old Witch House
50900000 - Bliss Disturbed
68810000 - Shucking Oysters
V1922900 - Doughboys of 89th Division
60000000 - Le Judgment Dernier
59000000 - Les Cuisines De Satan
87010000 - General View of Burned Area
17100000 - The Beauteous Queen of Cataracts
42180000 - Getting His Hair Banged
56300000 - One Of Pony's Tricks
12563000 - Inflated Bullock Skins for Ferry Boats
V2500700 - Most Famous Inventor of the Age
32372000 - All Aboard!
42800000 - Every Kiss has it's sting


614 Assorted Reproduction Stereocards (50 card set)  24.95

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