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Hasbro My3D Viewer (Available in Black or White) New Low Price!

With the MY3D viewer, you can now experience 3D and 360 degrees of entertainment on your IPhone or iPod touch (works in models before the Iphone 5).

A variety of specially-formatted MY3D apps are available for download on the App Store! First, download the free MY3D Presents app to sample a variety of the latest content available (many selections are free!) and even see movie trailers - all in 3D!  Simply insert your iPhone or iPod touch into the MY3D viewer and you are ready to experience 3D entertainment in a whole new way. Tilt and turn your iPhone or iPod touch to experience interactive and immersive 3D entertainment including gaming and 360 degree experiences.

The viewer includes four cradles to specially fit your iPhone or iPod Touch (any made before the Iphone 5). Not all apps are compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch devices.  See the App Store for details.

iPhone and iPod touch not included and charges may apply for some apps.  Remember this is for old iPhones and Ipads and may require modifications for newer  models.

Here is an ad on YouTube for the viewer!

We have also have put our 3d movies and 3d images into the Iphone or Ipods and viewing them with the My3D viewer.  my3dwhite.gif (29581 bytes)

Here is a free app called I3D camera. Another app is i3D Steroid which works great and cost $2.99.  3D Stereo Photo Maker is a free program you can put on your Windows computer which will format your stereo images for the viewer.  

Please be aware that the viewer will not work on the Iphone 5 (unless you enjoy dremeling then it works fine, dremeling the plastic housing that is, not the Iphone).  Although it works fine without a back set on the phone to view images in 3D. 


my3db My3dViewer (Black) 29.95 14.95
my3dw My3dViewer (White) 29.95 14.95



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