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3D Cards and Stereo Cards


Phanto Pop-Up Phantogram and Pop-Up in One!

The Phanto-Popup is an extension of the phantogram that removes some of the limitations of this fascinating and effective 3D imaging format. A phantogram is a stereoscopic image that is displayed horizontally, usually an anaglyph, viewed from above at about a 45 degree angle.  The image is distorted anamorphically, such that when viewed from the correct position, the anamorphic distortion is canceled out by the foreshortening resulting from the viewing position. Buy as a set of 6 or individually. 

See them here!

Civil War 3Dcivilwar (2).jpg (90981 bytes)

This is a self contained cardboard viewer with a set of 8 3D Civil War images.  Overall size of the set is six inches by ten inches while each stereo pair is two and one-half inches by five inches. Each set contains a set of built in plastic viewing glasses with a five and one-half inch focal length.

Images include Sherman at Atlanta, Occupied Atlanta, Confederate Dead at Petersburg (two images), Little Round Top, Smoke Stack from Merrimac, Grant's Council of War, Gunboat Massasoit, and Bryan House on Cemetery Ridge.  This set originally sold for $6.95.  

617 Civil War in 3D Viewer and Cards


3D Greeting Cards

New Oh Wow!  3D greeting cards!  These are exciting images of San Francisco that come with a viewer, ready to mail and impress your friends.  Also birthday and other 3d greetings!

3D Dutch Masters Cards!!!

We have some of the most unique stereocards available today.  Our newest products are the 3D Dutch Masters, 3D Amsterdam and 3D Holland. Tired of sending the same old flat image greeting cards?  Try these cards each include lenses built in for eye popping 3D graphics.  If you want to make your own card we sell blank templates as well!

We also have StereoCards Sets of reproduction Stereoviews for your Holmes or Holmes type viewer and the 3Discover system which allows for viewing of strips that are made for the viewer..  Also available are lorgnettes for viewing Stereo Cards.


LogoIntroducing the Amazing  3DIQ Viewer and StereoCard system. Enjoy the newest way to see the world in 3Dimensions with 3DIQ. 3DIQ Cards are clear undistorted, full color beautiful images that when placed in the 3DIQ Viewer come to life in 3D!


Cards & Card Vwr. SF 3D Cards Civil War 3D 3D Dutch Masters Mars Pathfinder 3D IQ

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