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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

April 2016

Stereoscope, Holmes type, (Assembled)pedstereo.jpg (212151 bytes) NEW, Now with 50 free stereocards included!

THIS BEAUTIFUL HAND-MADE replica of the stereoscope designed by Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1861 is ideally suited as a functional, entertaining, and decorative accessory for your living room. Built entirely of hand-finished wood, it features a focus adjustment slide, a genuine leather hood (large enough to accommodate eyeglasses wearers!), and a stand.  It is hand finished and made of solid mahogany.  More Information


Polarizer Axis Direction Detector Arrow

We decided to offer the most niche product ever!  This product will help detect the direction of a the linear component of polarized material.  Put it on a projection filter or glasses and slowly rotate.  The axis orientation is indicated when it becomes its darkest.  This is great when trying to detect the orientation of polarized filters and polarized glasses. Actual size is 4 inches long.  For use with circular polarized material it is useful for determining the linear component.  More Information

arrow001.gif (46511 bytes) arrow002.gif (220153 bytes)


3DRO 3D Arrow 19.95

March 2016

NEW! BereVR VR and Google Cardboard Viewer

Works with all large smartphones, supports google cardboard apps and won't break the bank! Details!

Magnetic Switch for Google Cardboard Applications
Wide comfortable adjustable straps for attaching to your head
Eyeport that allows for person wearing glasses to view without removing glasses
Focusing adjustment independent for each eye that can be adjusted when using without removing the device from head
Interocular adjustment for changing interpupillary distance while attached and viewing image
Comfortable solid durable construction
NFC sticker for phones to communicate the viewer characteristics to the phone for supported Google Cardboard applications 


NEW! Dale Walsh Color Stereocard Reproductions

These are 13 cards that were originally part of a 3D calendar which are now standard size color stereoviews.  They were photographed by renown contemporary Canadian 3d photographer Dale Walsh.  It was printed commercially on Kalima 10 point paper using a recto-verso, litho offset 4 color process at 2400 dots per inch (DPI) with a line screen of 175 (LPI) lines per inch.  This means you can view it with magnification without any dots visible.  
612.jpg (121504 bytes) SKU 612 Dale Walsh Color Stereocards (13 cards) $9.95

SKU 612V Dale Walsh cards with Lorgnette $13.95

More Information


Standard Cardholder Carrier383CC.JPG (91548 bytes)

This is the part that holds the cards and includes the brass wire cardholders, hardware and crosspiece.  Will fit most stereo viewers although may need some modification on some (sanding the channel so it will fit).  This is 7 inches wide and fits all standard stereo cards.  More Information

383CC Cardholder Carrier 19.95

6 Inch wide card carrier

This is for people who want to view side by side prints with a stereoscope that are not traditionally sized but that are made to fit on 4 x 6 inch prints such as those made in standard print processing.  These can be set up using the free program Stereo Photo Maker or shown without modification when shot using a Loreo attachment.  More Information

386CC 6 inch wide Cardholder Carrier 19.95




December 2015

Photo courtesy Reel3d!New Vintage aluminum mounts and new foldovers for mounting your Realist Slides!






September 2014

Gunnar and Texel 3d Glasses

Berezin Stereo is proud to be the sole distributor of these Gunnar brands of designer circularly polarized 3D glasses.  They are better than in the box glasses for your passive 3D TVs (Vizio and LG) due to increased sharpness and better light transmission.  They are also much better quality than the 3D glasses that the RealD 3D cinemas pass out!

GLI_00106_Onyx_l.jpg (82570 bytes) GLI_00106_Onyx_b.jpg (89025 bytes)

More Information and ordering for Gunnar Designer 3D Glasses!

June 2014


The CamRgrip is a not only a handy addition for you digital camera it is also useful for many stereo photography applications.  It fits on any tripod mount including the twin bars that we offer.  Used in conjunction with the twin bar that we offer and compact digital video cameras it can be used as part of an inexpensive stereo rig.  It also works well with our 3D Scope and Pocket3DVu as a handy holder to allow for easier handling. 

The Camgrip add stability to small 3D systems that normally would be difficult to grip.  It allows results that are  faster, steadier and cleaner.  It also aids in keeping your fingers off your camera to protect it from fingerprints and to prevent the finger in the shot error which is very common with the Fuji W1 stereo camera.  Info

125 CamRgrip 7.45


May 2014

Through the Electronic Looking Glass

electroniclookingglass.jpg (88850 bytes)AMONG THE MOST FASCINATING pictures you’ll ever see in 3-D are those produced by scanning electron microscopes, or "SEMs"! These instruments, which use electrons rather than light to create images, are capable of magnification and resolution far beyond that possible with optical (or "light") microscopes, and the images they produce give you entirely different, amazing, and often very surprising views of even the most ordinary everyday objects. The addition of the third dimension to SEM views makes them even more spectacular, since you can actually see the spatial relationships in the images that you could only imagine in "flat" 2-D images.

More Information

6873 Through the Electronic Looking Glass $19.95


January 2014

NEW!  Pocket 3Dvu

Hi our new Pocket 3Dvu has everything you need to view parallel 3D images.  From 3D Keystone type stereocards (3 1/2" x 7"), tablets, computer screens to large TV displays can be viewed in stunning 3D with this viewer.  Using front surface mirrors, an adjustable aspect ratio control and a mirror distance adjuster images can be viewed from a distance of around 6 inches to 14 feet.  This viewer is great for tablets and monitors of any size!

The front non-reflective glass pieces can be removed for easy cleaning and the temples are removable so the viewer can be worn like glasses or held like conventional 3d viewers.  

The bottom has a fitting for a standard 1/4-20 tripod fitting so it can be used for museum displays.  More information.

3DSP Pocket 3Dvu $ 29.95 

smartl2.jpg (17468 bytes)

Smartphone Lorgnette

This viewer is specifically made for viewing side by side 3D images (def) close-up on smart phone.  It will give an immersive feel and works best for images 3 to 5 inches (7.5-12.5cm) total width per pair.  It also works to view Realist format slides (def) without the need for a large viewer. More Information


Frank Gehry 3 Theatres

Frank Gehry: 3 Theaters features three of Gehry's performance venues that illustrate the startling evolution of the Canadian-American architect's work in the 21st century. Three View-Master reels contain 21 stereoscopic 3D images of the Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles), the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park (Chicago) and the Sosnoff Theater at Bard College (Annandale-on-Hudson, New York).


6705 Frank Gehry- 3 Theaters  34.95


October 2013

H2O 3D

These glasses use the natural refraction of water to create a cross-eyed viewer for 3D!  They are adjustable and work for cross-eyed 3d images (some are included in the package).  This is a fun viewer sure to increase children's interest in 3D and to help them understand refraction, similar to seeing a straw change direction when looking at a glass of drinking water. More information.

September 2013

2003 (2014) Stereoscopic Landscape Calendar

Thanks to the way calendars repeat this is now in date again for 2014!

2003 3D Calendar! Stop! Do not buy that boring, regular, 2D calendar for last year. Why? Because you can now get a 2003 3D calendar complete with 13 full color, full size stereo photographs by renowned 3D photographer Dale Walsh.  You can cut the views out and use them in your stereoviewer.  Sure its out of date, but it will be perfect for 2014!  Its worth the purchase price for the views alone!  Thanks to the way calendars repeat this is now in date again for 2014!


Click for larger image!

July 2013

Hummel.jpg (88746 bytes) Hummel Children in 3D Back in Stock!

This book is a limited edition (1000 copies were printed) by the late Dr. Dieter Lorenz tells the story of the tragically short life of Bavarian artist and Franciscan Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel. Based upon her world-famous illustrations of children, the W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik in Coburg, Bavaria created the first lifelike porcelain Hummel figurines in 1935. These charming little figurines are still in production today and are treasured by countless collectors all over the world.  We have been sold out of this book from 2005 until 2013 but came upon a few more copies after the recent passing of Dr. Lorenz.   More Information


May 2013

New low Prices on stereo slide pages!

We now have new low prices for our archival stereo slide storage pages!  (more info)

March 2013

New Owl Viewer released.  Designed to be compatible with the Ipad.  

Owl Viewerowlpair.jpg (185704 bytes) (Version 2)

Updated OWL 1 (Version 2) features a wider aperture in the back plate (increased from 14cm to 15.5cm)
making it compatible with viewing larger format Stereocards and for use with iPads

The OWL, designed by Queen Guitarist Brian May, is a unique, high quality, stereo focusing viewer, which packs into a space only 1/3 inch thick, yet assembles in 15 seconds into a rigid precision instrument which is equally at home sitting on a page to view stereo illustrations in a book, or used in the hand as the perfect viewer for stereo cards - classic or modern.  It has extra large lenses so anyone can use it regardless of eye spacing.  It has a slot to hold views in the viewer or since the back has an opening it can be placed over a stereo image in a book for high quality viewing.  owls_black_v2.jpg (58933 bytes)

More Information

Feb 2013

Buy a ScreenScope CRT, ScreenScope LCD or a ScreenScope Laptop (at our already low price of $249.95) and receive a free Screenscope non-adjustable handheld for free!  This is good for the month of December 2012 ONLY so act fast (a $99 value!).  Be sure to add this to your shopping cart by hitting the buy button below!  Order the other scopes here

SSS Free Screensope Handheld Non-Adjustable with the purchase of a ScreenScope CRT, ScreenScope LCD or a ScreenScope Laptop.  Offer Good Only Aug 2013 while supplies last!



October 2012

The Pixi Viewer is back!

388Ps.jpg (51177 bytes)

The Pixi Viewer

The Pixi Viewer is an inexpensive hands free viewer which works great viewing side by sides on a computer monitor.  It is back and in stock!


September 2012

3D A to Z an Encyclopedic Dictionary

Richard Kroon of Technicolor has written a definitive dictionary of 3D Terms.  

Since the invention of the stereoscope in 1830, stereoscopic 3D has remained on the cutting edge of the media and entertainment industry. Every 20 to 30 years, a new generation rediscovers stereo filmmaking, fueling its resurgence with additional twists introduced by the technological advancements of the intervening years. 

This encyclopedic dictionary offers a definitive compilation of information on the art and science of stereoscopic 3D, including still and moving images; film and digital image acquisition; production, post-production, distribution, and exhibition; and human visual perception. In addition to standard dictionary definitions, it includes many extended encyclopedic entries and nearly 300 black-and-white and color illustrations. Taking the mystery out of 3D's unique language, the work provides a basis for clear communication among industry professionals and historical context for those new to the discipline. More Information and Reviews


3DD 3D A to Z- Introductory Low Price! $75.00 $64.95



July 2012

Don't miss us at 3d-Con this year!  Please see  July 24-30 in Costa Mesa. 

New Slide Bars!

Our new 24 inch slide bar was designed for use with most cameras and especially for larger digital and film SLR's, video and Medium Format cameras.  his helps for precision separation in landscape hyperstereos and for lenticular imaging. More information


slider.jpg (150400 bytes)
New Twin Bar

This twinbar can accept up to 4 cameras, or two cameras and whatever may attach to a 1/4-20 screw thread post.  It can be attached to a tripod via an included reversible spigot with 1/4-20 or 3/8” female threads or alternatively a 3/8” or 5/8”light stand.  We also offer an accessory shoe if you would like to add a flash to it.  It is 16 inches long x 1 inch wide.  More Information

twinbarnarrow.gif (11475 bytes)



March 2012

LED Viewer Bulbs

Super bright with very long lifetimes these bulbs fit in all the stereo viewers we have tried (Realist, Viewmaster Model D, Revere, many others).  Very white light, very long life.  Screw type.  More information

LED LED  Stereo viewer Bulb 14.95

Volume 3 - Showtime and EducationNow after years of waiting the much anticipated View-Master Reels and Packets Volume 3 is

Available now!

Hardbound, 960 pages including two full-color sections of 32 pages each on glossy paper: one section shows View-Master Products, and the other one is called "View-Master Advertising".

The complete cover (front and back) is shown below. More Information

6428 Viewmaster Collectors Book Volume 3- Showtime and Education $110.00


3D Vidcam now $249! Video play & display, 2.2± QVGA stereo TFT LCD or VGA binocular stereo display module, play & display 2D/3D video file in AVI form. This camera is standard definition and suitable for web use.

*Squeezed side by side format.  Perfect for 3D output in Youtube.  Simply tag the output "yt3d:enable=true" when uploading the video to Youtube.  Your viewers will be able to choose side-by-side, anaglyph or a multitude of other formats.  No pre-editing required to put it in proper YouTube 3D output like many other 3D cameras. Binocular lenses allow viewing in 3D without glare from the sun in outdoor shooting. 3DVID 3D Video Camera and Viewer  $249.95  

September 2011

watts.jpg (138557 bytes) Towers of Simon Rodia in 3D (Watts Towers)

This entertaining feature on Watt's towers will work with new 3D TV sets!  In this award winning documentary, filmed in high definition digital 3-D, you will discover the Towers in loving detail and you’ll be able to experience the magic, the wonder, and the genius that resides inside The Towers of Simon Rodia.

  More information



July 2011

greenreald.jpg (44516 bytes)

Real D Eco-Freindly Glasses (green)

These leave less of a footprint as the other glass Real D glasses.  They are made from renewable, sustainable resources, not from petroleum fossil fuels.

GreenD REAL D Circular Polarized Glasses (1) 3.89

More Info



Small Card Viewer, views prints, cards, medium format slides and Parallel images on the Ipod and Iphone.  It can also fold flat for easy mailing.

TriVision Viewer

Similar to our stand-up stereo-opticon viewer, this little viewer has a shorter focal length and better lenses making it perfect for smaller printed images and for using with an Ipod or other small device.  It also works well with small printed pairs. It can also fold flat for easy mailing.


May 2011

Toe-In Mounts now in stock!Single Vertical Mount

Our much coveted Jasper toe in mounts are back in stock.  Now you can shoot 3D like they did in Avatar, with convergence.  Used with camera pairs they can glide your cameras with precision.  More info.


March 2011

Supersharp is back!

The most affordable achromatic 2 x 2 viewer.

SuperSharp Viewer This viewer combines sharp optics with interocular adjustment in an affordable format.   Interocular adjustment allows the user to adjust the spacing between the lenses.  It is the famous PinSharp®  viewer with 47mm FL glass achromatic lenses inserted.   An Achromatic lens is a system of lenses joined in order to minimize color and shape distortions (chromatic and spherical aberrations) that are inherent in a single lens system. More information.

December 2010

Ennis House in 3D DVD

This 3D DVD will work with new 3D TVs, along with any TV which requires interlaced format.  It comes with a 2D version, a 3D side by side version and an interlaced version.  

Described by Film Independent LA as: "A thorough exploration of The Ennis House, an historic Frank Lloyd Wright home in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles that was completed in 1924. The film deals with the original construction in the 1920's, and demonstrates Wright's use of space and materials. With moving cameras and detailed close-ups you experience a lovingly thorough tour of the house. More Info

The Ennis House 3D DVD $18.95


Owl Viewer!owl.jpg (59187 bytes)

The OWL, designed by Queen Guitarist Brian May, is a unique, high quality, stereo focusing viewer, which packs into a space only 1/3 inch thick, yet assembles in 15 seconds into a rigid precision instrument which is equally at home sitting on a page to view stereo illustrations in a book, or used in the hand as the perfect viewer for stereo cards - classic or modern.  It has extra large lenses so anyone can use it regardless of eye spacing.  More Info 

Owl Stereoscopic Print and Book Viewer $28.95

feeet.1.jpg (41615 bytes)

Man With F.E.E.E.T. NEW VIewmaster Reel Set

NY Stereoscopic Society co-founder Eric Drysdale (The Colbert Report, The Daily Show) premieres "The Man With F.E.E.E.T.," a set of 3 View-Master reels with 21 photographs in eye-popping 3D, accompanied by a 12-page read-along storybook.  View-Master Expert Sheldon Aronowitz called it, "One of the best View Master Reels I've ever seen."  More Info


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