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Man With F.E.E.E.T.feeet.1.jpg (41615 bytes)

NY Stereoscopic Society co-founder Eric Drysdale (The Colbert Report, The Daily Show) premieres "The Man With F.E.E.E.T.," a set of 3 View-Master reels with 21 photographs in eye-popping 3D, accompanied by a 12-page read-along storybook.  View-Master Expert Sheldon Aronowitz called it, "One of the best View Master Reels I've ever seen."  

Reel List  This is our stock set of View-Master 3-Reel sets.  Never before assembled in one place, we have almost every tourist attraction, scenic, cartoon  and movie View-Master reel offered today.

Architectural Reels- We are proud to be including these architectural View-Master packets, Bruce Goff: Three Houses, Frank Gehry- Sheet Metal, and and the New Scharoun Reels

3-Reel Special Sets- These High quality 3 reel sets come with informative booklets and are a series of reels published in Holland.china.jpg (8059 bytes)

Special Viewmaster 1-Reel Sets- Rare 1 reel sets include Ray Zone, Gaudi, Historic Charleston and Ray Lewis.

3-Reel Blister Packs- A large assortment of 3 reel packets cover Imax productionsl and many other subjects.  Look for many new titles in the coming weeks.

Special Multiple Reel Sets- These include our special 4 reel Kupjack Miniature Room set.  To poultry lovers of interest will be our Turkey Reel set.  

aliens.jpg (17754 bytes)View-Master Books- These include several of 3D Book production books which are beautifully illustrated with View-Master Reels and their View-Master Collector's Guide.  New Viewmaster Collectors Guide Volume II.

View-Master Viewers- The simple Model L viewer.



Below Viewmaster news...

Eames reels  NEW!!!!!

Gaudi Reels A new 1-reel set by View Productions is Guadi Park Guell!!!

New.  Viewmaster Pricing Guide  


We have included here what we feel are the highest quality View-Master Reels in production today.  They include 3-reel sets and larger albums imported from Europe, and a four reel set rarely seen even by collectors.  The Kupjack miniature rooms include four reels of rooms manufactured by the renowned miniature creator Eugene Kupjack (1912-1991)

We did the same for 3D Pioneer Ray Zone!!

Betsyrossroom.jpg (103187 bytes)
Kupjack Miniature Rooms

Also we have books from Europe which feature many View-Master reels along with accompanying text.  These include Wolfgang and MaryAnn Sell's View Master Viewer Book and a book which gives 3D views of human anatomy.

And to view all these excellent reels we now offer a special black View Master viewer.  This not only has a  nice slick appearance but the black color stops the light leaking in that one gets from the usual orange and blue viewers.

Get a special black View Master Viewer with your reels at a special price, $5.00!


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3 Reel Sets FEEET Viewmaster Books Architectural Reels Reel List 1 Reel Sets VM Viewer Multiple Sets 3-Reel Blister Packs

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