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Stereo Viewer Selection Charts 

Card and Computer Screen 3D Viewers    3D Slide Viewers

Stereo Slide Viewer Selection Chart

Click on headings for definitions. Click on viewer to go to that viewers' page.

Viewer 2x2x2 Realist Format Wide Format Medium Format Lenses Focus Lighting
Radex 2 x 2 x       Plastic Fixed AL
Radex   x x   Plastic Fixed AL
Cardboard 2 x 2 x       Plastic NA AL
Supersharp x   x   Achromatic Fixed AL
Pinsharp x   x   Plastic Fixed AL
M3D Viewer       x Plastic Fixed AL

AL=Available light (also know as steal the light)

All achromatic lenses are made of glass.

Print, Smartphone & Computer Stereo Viewer Selection Chart

Click on viewer to go to that viewers page.  Maximum pair sizes are approximate and will vary amongst users.  

Viewer Max Pair Size Lenses Viewing Method Ipod3
Squeeze-Vu 3-1/2 x 5" Plastic Parallel  
Transluscent Radex  1 5/8"x 4" Plastic Parallel  
My3D Iphone 4S Plastic Parallel Y
3DVu 3-1/2 x 5" Plastic Parallel Y
3D Prism Glasses Full Screen Plastic Parallel  
Stereopticon 4 x 6" Plastic Parallel Y
Post View1 4 x 6" Plastic Parallel  
Mini-Viewer 4 x 6" Plastic Parallel Y
Loreo Lite 3-1/2" x 7" Plastic Parallel  
Pixi Viewer 12 x 12" Plastic Parallel  
Maxi-Viewer 4 x 6" Plastic Parallel  
Mapscope 4 x 6" Plastic Parallel Y
Vivitar2 4 x 6" Prisms Crossed  
Pokescope Full Screen Prisms Parallel  
Wheatstone Full Screen FS Mirrors Parallel  
Holmes 3-1/2" x 7" Plastic Parallel  
Loreo Lite 4 x 6" Plastic Parallel  
Vmg. Basic 2, 4 x 6" prints FS Mirrors Over/Under  
Vmg. Large 2, 8 x 12" FS Mirrors Over/Under  
KMQ Viewer 2, 4 x unlimited Plastic Over/Under  
HyperView 12" per print FS Mirrors Parallel  
One Eye Unlimited FS Mirrors Over/Under or Parallel  
OWL Viewer 4 x 6" Glass Parallel Y
Pocket 3D Vu Unlimited FS Mirrors Parallel  

FS=Front Surface Mirrors

1- While the Post-View can fit 4 x 6" prints, it is better suited for 3 1/2 by 5".

2- No longer available, shown for comparison purposes only.

3- Suitable for use for viewing parallel images on the Ipod or other smart phone.  You will have to find a way to secure your device (Velcro or other mounting method) except for the My3D and 3DVu which do hold the viewer.

+   Best viewer for this application. 

(updated June 2014)

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