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Shown with the Fallingwater Reels.Viewmaster Viewers

Model L  Image 3D    Pocket

Black Model L View Master Viewer

To view all our excellent reels we now offer a special black Model L View Master viewer.  This not only has a nice slick appearance but the black color stops the light leaks that are apparent when using the more common orange and blue viewers.


665 Black View Master Viewer $16.50
667 Black View Master Viewer with the purchase of any VM reel, VM books, or reels. $15.00


Image 3D View Master Viewer

This is similar to the Model L but currently manufactured and has a shinier more finished appearance and a much better light diffuser.

Viewer_Black_-_Eyepiece_Side.jpg (121401 bytes) Viewer Black.jpg (157109 bytes)
VMVW Black View Master Viewer $9.95



Image 3D Reel Pocket Viewer

This cute little viewer comes in a small bag ready for mailing.  Hold it up to a lamp or neutral background (it does not have a light diffuser) and enjoy your reels immediately!  

Mini Viewer Red.jpg (268536 bytes)


VMPK View Master Pocket Viewer $6.95



Check out a few of our reels.

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