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Making Stereo Card Graphics Using Print Shop

By David M. Lee

There are many graphics programs which one could use to print the fronts and backs of stereo cards; however, Print Shop (version 6) by Broderbund is the one I have. For those who would like to add a more finished look to their stereo cards but don’t know where to start, this is a good place. Also it is not very expensive.

  1. Load the program into your computer.
  2. Open the program.
  3. A window will appear which says, "Select a New Project" at the top. Click the box in the left margin that says "Newsletters and more…"
  4. A window will appear which says "Print Shop Press Writer" at the top. Click the box that says "Custom" to begin working.
  5. Use the tool bar on the left to make boxes, lines, and text.
  6. For the front, start with a box 4 inches by 7½ inches.
  7. Then put registration marks in the corners, ¼ inch in from the edges.
  8. This gives you the framework within which to position whatever else you want.
  9. Do the same for the back.
  10. Trim the papers to the lines at 4 inches by 7½ inches.
  11. Cut a piece of mat board 4 inches by 7½ inches.
  12. Put Positionable Mounting Adhesive (or some other suitable adhesive) on both sides of it.
  13. Peel off the adhesive on one side and position the front on the mat board.
  14. Do the same with the back.
  15. Trim the card to the registration marks in the corners.
  16. Round the corners with a corner rounder.
  17. Adhere the chips to the card.
  18. If you are ambitious you can try printing 3 cards on a sheet of paper and use an 8½ x 11 inch sheet of mat board.

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