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Tips for Scanning a Roll of Realist film before cutting

To get the images into digital form, I have the LS4000, and the SA-30 roll film adapter. You have to use VueScan to use the roll film adapter on Realist format. The NikonScan software chokes and crashes if you try to do anything outside the norm, and is not nearly as good software as VueScan anyway. (VueScan is awesome software for the many scanners it supports -- the developer taps into all of the hardware functions and gives the user access to everything.) I do a medium resolution run-through of the whole roll, then go back later for high-res scans as needed. The roll film adapter is a little expensive, but for me it was the only way to make shooting with a Realist practical. I regret the several rolls of film I cut into smaller strips before I got the SA-30. BTW, I get negative film processed "No cut, no print" for $1.79 at Walmart.

Contributed by Terry Wilson

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