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Replacing Lenses on Kodaslide I Stereo ViewerAchromatic Lenses

This is for replacing the lenses on a Kodaslide I viewer with our achromatic 47mm lenses.

1. Use a spanner, pull the lens retaining ring (remembering which part of the achromat is front and which is back, and take out the lens. Put the retaining ring back in. 

2. Put the lens housing in a vice and hacksaw off the backing plate as close as you can get to the plate. 

3. Dress the rough sawcut area with a Dremel. 

4. Back the lens retaining ring out, which nicely recuts any thread damage. Put the lens back in. Put the retaining ring back in. 

5. Take the K1 apart and using an Xacto knife, carefully weaken and remove the glued in plastic retaining ring that holds the plastic lens in the housing. Place the original plastic lens in the garbage. 

6. You need to be especially careful, because this housing isn't metal, it's some kind brittle plastic. 

7. Clean up any rough areas in the original housing, which is now lens free, and insert the modified achromatic 47mm lens. I do this on a chunk of quarter inch plate glass, so I know the lenses are both parallel. 

8. Use superglue or epoxy and seat the lens distance, having measured the distance to the center of sharp focus. Of course, you previously measured this in millimeters... 

9. Darken any shiny metal with flat black paint. 

10. Lenses and housings done. BUT... since you have the thing apart, tighten up the focusing. Also, use a nibbler (available from Radio Shack) and widen the metal aperture in the slide carrier so the viewer can accommodate wide format slides. Be sure to leave no sharp edges from your nibbling-- Dremeling all sides front and back of the aperture is recommended, so you don't end up slicing the emulsion to ribbons by passing it over a razor sharp metal spur in the modified metal slide carrier. 

11. Clean everything and reassemble. And of course, do this at your own risk...

Thanks to Elliot Swanson for these instructions. 


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