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THE Elvira UNIVERSAL VIEWERelviravr.jpg (81688 bytes)

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The Elvira Universal Viewer was designed to allow viewing of Realist-, European-, and full-frame 35mm-format stereo pair slides that are mounted in single-piece 4 x 1-5/8-inch (101x41 mm) mounts and full-frame 35mm stereo pair slides that are individually mounted in 2x2 mounts. Turning over the film plate (included) allows viewing five stereo pair slides inserted into the 5-Pair Card.

The viewer came with the standard single-pair film plate in-stalled for pair viewing. If you still have a viewer his plate has a shelf along the bottom edge to prevent the slide (s) from falling through. To reverse to use the special 5-Pair Cards very carefully pry the white diffuser off the black viewer body. remove the standard plate, reverse the plate on the diffuser pegs, and reattach the diffuser to the viewer body. When installing the plate, it is important to remember that the projecting pressure peg on the plate should be closer to the top of the viewer and should point toward the rear of the viewer (toward the diffuser).

If you're going to use the viewer with single-piece 4 x 1-5/8-inch mounts (regardless of format), it's a good idea to bend the pressure peg back slightly (away from the diffuser) to reduce the holding pres-sure on the mount; this makes it easier to remove the slide pair after viewing. Ideally, the pressure peg should just barely touch the mount to hold it back against the vertical strengtheners in the diffuser - this location is at the focal length of the viewer lenses.

Elvira Viewer

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