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Viewmagic Mounting Prints

The way you mount and present your 3-D Mounting Types photographs can make a big difference in how much you and your friends enjoy looking at them. Choosing the right kind of mounting materials and careful alignment of the prints are the most important steps next to taking the photos correctly. 

The main requirement is to hold your two photos flat and in proper alignment to each other. This can be as informal as taping your photos to a 5 x 8 inch index card, or as formal as mounting them in a fancy picture frame. The choice is up to you. 

One popular type of photo album uses a wax-coated page with a clear plastic overlay sheet. The main drawback is that reflections from the overlay sheet can be distracting. The most convenient and flattering way to show off your 3-D photos is to mount each 3-D pair on a separate black card. An option is to punch the card for placing in a loose-leaf album. Then, when crowds of friends want to see your work, just slip the pages out of the album and pass them around. Of course, it's handy to have more than one Viewmagic 3-D Viewer available on such occasions. 

To reduce distracting reflections, order matte finish instead of glossy prints. You can also use a clear matte spray finish to remove the gloss from prints. For a professional look and to make your photographs appear brighter, mount your prints on flat black index card stock. Use a mounting system that allows repositioning before the final attachment. Small individual squares of double stick tape on the back corners of each print work well. These are available at stationery stores specifically for photo mounting purposes.

The first step in mounting your prints is figuring from out which is the left (bottom) print and which is the right (top) print. There are two clues to help you decide: 

1. If the image contains an object which faces the R camera, the right print will show more of the right side of the object. The left print will show more of the left side of the object. L 

2. If the image has objects which are positioned one behind the other, the right print shows the back R object further to the right of the front object than the left print shows. 

The print of the right view is mounted in the top position; the left view goes in the bottom position. Take a look at some of your 3-D photographs, as well as the examples in this manual. These clues should start to become clear. Of course, if all else fails, try placing the photos one way, then the other while viewing them with your Viewmagic 3D Viewer. When placed the wrong way, the photo appears to be in 3-D but objects look somehow wrong, or oddly placed. This is caused by giving the brain conflicting depth cues. When placed right and aligned reasonably well, the photos are in obviously good 3-D.

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