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Frequently asked questions:

We do not endorse any companies mentioned here.  This is only for informational purposes.

Which 3D Glasses are right for which 3D movie at the a movie theatre?

We carry circular polarized glasses which will work for Real D 3D theatres.  Imax uses linear polarized, but seem to vary by theaters which orientation they use.  Check with the Imax theater before you buy your 3D glasses to see if they use 45/135 polarization or 0/90.  Our linear polarized glasses are 45/135 so will not work at all Imax theaters.  We do offer our terminator polarized glasses in 0/90.

Which 3D glasses are right for which 3D movie on a DVD?

If you have a passive 3D TV along with 3D content on your TV provider or a 3D Blu-Ray player our glasses compatible with RealD will work. We also offer some active glasses that will work with some 3D TVs.  However, you will need to check before buying the glasses to see which format the movie you are needed the glasses for is in.  Also, a few movies are in the cyan/red vs red/cyan format so our plastic glasses will not work for them (because you cannot turn them inside out like you can on the paper).  Some 3D movies now are offered in anaglyph format.  Most Blu-Ray and new movies that are anaglyph are offered in green magenta while most older movies are offered in red/cyan.  A 3D disc is usually anaglyph if it says "3D glasses included" on the package.  

Where can I get my film from my 3 lens or 4 lens 3D camera developed (Nimslo, Imagetech, or Nishika)?

Sorry this is no longer done anywhere.  Snap 3D recently ended their service.  

An alternate use is to use the  Nimslo for 4P 3D slides (half frame), the Nishika and other lenticular cameras do not have reliable exposure control for slides.  If you are using the Nimslo you will want to select two of the four resultant slides and mount them using our RBT 4P mounts.  Also many people are using these cameras to make animated gifs which look like a lot of fun!

I would like to make my own View-Master Reels.  Where can I get that done?


I would like to learn more about shooting my own 3D photographs.

Visit our technical section. Also two great sources available from our site are The World of 3D and Photographing in 3D.

How do I project my stereo slides?

If you use a Realist Mounted slide (def) you need to use a vintage stereo projector.  These are available sometimes from eBay or other used photo equipment sources.  Alternatively if you shoot with a twin camera rig you can use two Kodak Ektagraphic slide projectors with polarized filters over each lens.  The polarized glasses used should match the polarization of the filters.  Generally this is a V shape. This can also be done with slides from a vintage stereo camera if they are mounted in separate Gepe mounts.

You must use a silver screen to insure conservation of polarization.  

Is there a Digital 3D camera offered for sale?

Yes quite a few now, the Fuji W3 is a nice one but was discontinued. There are now some VR360 and 180 cameras available which shoot digital 3d.  We have evaluated them.  An issue is that they spread the few pixels in the sensor to a large area so the images are a bit grainy. Another good option is to use a digital SLR with our 3D lens in cap.  

I do not understand a certain stereo photography term mentioned on your site.

Try our glossary.  If that fails contact us.

Develop Nimslo

Project Stereo Slides

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