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The Towers of Simon Rodia (Watts Towers) in 3D

In 1921, an Italian immigrant named Simon Rodia embarked on a 33 year journey of self-expression. Entirely inner directed, with no formal training in art, architecture, or engineering, he was able to create what has become a National Historic Landmark and a symbol of the power of the human spirit. 

Using only simple hand tools and his own ingenuity, he constructed a walled courtyard of fanciful creations in a complex he called “Nuestro Pueblo”. In this award winning documentary, filmed in high definition digital 3-D, you will discover the Towers in loving detail and you’ll be able to experience the magic, the wonder, and the genius that resides inside The Towers of Simon Rodia. This DVD contains a full 2-D version (for conventional TV sets) and a 3-D side-by-side versions (for viewing on new 3-D television sets). Extras include: Bonus video: “Watts Towers - Then & Now” (2-D & 3-D) Spanish and English subtitles (2-D version) Trailers (2-D & 3-D) Video explaining how to view in 3-D. 

A Tom Koester Production

WATTS Watts Towers in 3D $19.95

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