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The Ennis House, Frank Lloyd Wright's 1920's Masterpiece

This 3D DVD will work with new 3D TVs, along with any TV which requires interlaced format.  It comes with a 2D version, a 3D side by side version and an interlaced version.  

Described by Film Independent LA as: "A thorough exploration of The Ennis House, an historic Frank Lloyd Wright home in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles that was completed in 1924. The film deals with the original construction in the 1920's, and demonstrates Wright's use of space and materials. With moving cameras and detailed close-ups you experience a lovingly thorough tour of the house. The film also demonstrates some significant modifications made in the 1940's by Hollywood Producer/owner John Nesbitt, from new Frank Lloyd Wright designs and executed by his son Lloyd Wright. The film concludes with scenes of the traumatic damage from the 1994 Northridge earthquake, and subsequent rebuilding and restoration This is a defining work on this fine example of Frank Lloyd Wright's 'knit block' construction."

Shot in high definition digital 3-D, the film is available now in a Special future proof Edition DVD with both a standard 2-D version of the film for viewing on any television, and a 3-D version for viewing on the NEW 3-D televisions. This is a chance to see this architectural marvel which has been closed to the public for nearly 20 years.  See below for images.

About the author/producer/director:  Tom Koester has been responsible for sound, visual effects or cinematography for such movies as Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, Star Trek the Movie, and "COPS".  He now works extensively in 3D.

ENN The Ennis House 3D DVD $18.95

Shutter glasses to go with your movies and TV.

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