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These 3D delights like to be called 3D Greeting Card Gifts. More than a greeting card, an Oh Wow! card is a startlingly realistic little 3D world--a unique gift (or souvenir) all its own. An Oh Wow! card can be mailed flat, like a normal card. It measures 5 3/4" x 6 3/8", and comes with a paper envelope. There is a space for writing messages on the back.

The card easily pops open to form a box, with a pair of lenses embedded on one side. Often, extra images elaborating on the card's theme enhance the side panels connecting the front and back of the box.

We also sell the viewers in plain cardboard if you want to make your own cards.  This page uses Shockwave.  If this does not work on your browser please let us know.

Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall

This image of romantic stilt walkers could be sent as a Valentine's Day gift, as a wedding gift, or in response to any romantic impulse.

Catalog # 2221 $6.00 Quantity

Six 3d Views of
San Francisco

This gift includes 5  extra cards along with the viewer to be inserted through a convenient slot in the top.

Catalog # 2222


Going Off the
Beaten Track

The ambiguous images in this card could suit various occasions. For us it expresses certain feelings about launching a new entrepreneurial venture.

Catalog # 2223 $6.00 Quantity

Here's Hopping that Your Birthday...

A very bunny surprise... from the "one bad pun deserves another" school of card writing.

Catalog # 2224 $6.00 Quantity

Spirits of Christmas
Past, Present and Future

A colorized version of a touching stereo view, now 100 years old.

Catalog # 2225 $6.00

It's Your Birthday...
Have a Blast!

A dramatic image, for a birthday celebrant with a certain spirit of adventure.

Catalog # 2226 $6.00


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