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1 and 2 Reel Sets

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Balloon Utopia Viewmaster Reelschackerreel_P1_L.jpg (280233 bytes)

This exciting Viewmaster reel (single reel, 7 3D Images) is a limited edition custom reel done for a balloon decor company.  We have less than 20 of these reels.  Done by award winning 3D photographer Gary Schacker of San Diego these images are of world class high end balloon art.

They are personally signed by the photographer.  This is a one of a kind reel.  More info

6631 Balloon Utopia Viewmaster Reel $9.95


See your dirt racing favorites in 3D!  Read exclusive interviews with some of the Southern All-Stars greatest dirt racers!  These exciting 3D images will make you jump right out of your seat!  The first of these 2 reel sets includes Jeremy Clements and Shane Tankersley .  Volume 2 features Brandon Kinzer and Clint Smith.

More Info


Theatre De La Mode Back!

Theatre de la Mode- 3D FashionTheatre de la Mode, click to see a large view of the reel contents (large file).

The Theatre de la Mode (Theater of Fashion) was the result of collaboration among the art, theater. and fashion worlds in France following World War II as Paris began to rebuild after the war, supplies were so scarce that designers were unable to present their 1945 fashions on live models. They overcame this challenge by creating 27-inch mannequins arranged in elaborate sets created by the top theater designers. The wire mannequins with plaster heads received the same attention to detail as live models; including unique hairstyles and detailed accessories. The exhibit toured Europe and America raising funds for war relief.

This rare 1-reel set, photographed by Ivy Feibelman, is housed in an archival sleeve with a foldout outlining and identifying the outfits in every image.  John Dennis, editor of Stereo World magazine, calls this "one of the most unique VM reels of some time"

663 Theatre De La Mode   $10.00


Toy MuseumClick for larger image.

This View Master reel is of the Doll and Toy Museum of Anaheim California.  It is new "old" stock.  A newly discovered find of unopened one reel sets.  This has been listed as worth $25 in some View Master collector books. Note:  They have gone slightly magenta so this will be part of our "Magenta Collection". 

6639 Toy Museum (1 Reel) $5.00


POV (Persistence of Vision) is a ray-tracing computer program that creates visual worlds in simulated space.  Similar to other programs such as Bryce and Maya one is able to render stereoscopic images from them. This reel shows a bizarre 3D world never before seen in Viewmaster format.  Immerse yourself.  1 Reel (7 3D views) in Viewmaster format.  See below for images. Don't Miss, Click for more information!  Bizarre 3D World!

6683 POV Reel $5.00
vmreelb.jpg (38764 bytes)

Antonio Gaudí: Park Güell 1-reel set

The great Spanish architect Antonio Gaudí was born in Catelonia in 1852, the son of a coppersmith. His residential and religious buildings are known for their complex shapes, intricate and colorful decoration, and daring structural innovation. Park Güell, commissioned in 1900 by Gaudi's lifelong patron Eusebio Güell, was the architect's unique venture into urban design. The 'garden city' included 60 potential building sites and an assortment of park structures that conformed to the topography of the Barcelona hillside. 

The seven full-color 3-dimensional images on this View-Master® reel include views of the gate lodge, the fanciful stone and concrete galleries, ceramic-faced fountains and serpentine benches. Park Güell was photographed in 1966 by Michael Kaplan using a TDC Colorist stereo camera and Kodachrome film. 

6607  Price $14.95


Ray Zone  

Ray Zone Pioneer of 3-D Conversion

Here is the first View-Master reel made containing images made by Ray Zone, a pioneer of converting 2D images to 3D.  

Serious View-Master fans will appreciate this limited edition offering and will want to add it to their collection.

All proceeds of the sale of this reel from Berezin Stereo Photography will go to the Stereo Club of Southern California.

This is second in a series of limited edition reels which are made to benefit the club, the first being the George Lewis Reel

Also see our selection of Ray Zone Comics. More Information.

669 Ray Zone Reel $5.00

George Lewis

Keystone's Last Stereographer  Numbered Limited Edition!!!

A special numbered limited edition 7 scene view-master Reel/Folder has been published for the benefit of the Stereo Club of Southern California and the UCR/California Museum of Photography in Riverside, California.  It depicts and describes the work and life of George Lewis, who produced many of the famous stereo pictures sold by the Keystone View Company.

The reel includes amongst others images of Babe Ruth, the Graf Zeppelin and Will Rogers.

Serious View-Master fans will appreciate this limited edition offering and will want to add it to their collection.

All proceeds of the sale of this reel will go to the Stereo Club of Southern California.

This is the first in a series of limited edition reels which are made to benefit the club, the second being the Ray Zone Reel

Below are some images that are on the reel.  Be aware that due to the nature of putting images on the web that they will not adequately represent the high quality of the images on the reel.
668 George Lewis Reel $5.00

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