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Historic Charleston: Stereographs from the Civil War eracharlestoncover.jpg (59730 bytes)

View*Productions and the National Stereoscopic Association have published a group of stereoscopic (three-dimension) views of Charleston, South Carolina, and vicinity taken during the Civil War and Reconstruction periods. The seven images, included in a packet entitled "Historic Charleston: Stereographs from the Civil War Era," have been transferred from rare vintage stereographs published between 1860 and 1880. The publishers, all from Charleston, include G. M. Bernard, George Cook, S. E. Durbec, James M. Osborn, and S. T. Souder.

The original images on the stereo view cards, from the collection of Mike Griffith, were cropped to fit the View-Master reel format and computer enhanced by Steve Hughes for clearer viewing. Greg Terry of View*Productions designed the packet graphics, and Larry Moor, of the Atlanta Stereoscopic Association, coordinated the project.

The packet is published in conjunction with the 2003 National Stereoscopic Association convention to be held in Charleston from July 23 to July 28, 2003. Each full-week registrant at the convention will receive a copy. Additional copies will be for sale at the convention, then available through View Productions and other 3D retailers.

Packet contents:

1. Slave quarters on a plantation in South Carolina (1860) Publisher: S. T. Souder, Charleston
2. Interior of Secession Hall (1860; published 1880) Publisher: George Cook, Charleston
3. Furnace for heating shot (1861) Publisher: James M. Osborn and S. E. Durbec, Charleston
4. Torpedo boat used during late Civil War, on Charleston Harbor (c1865) Publisher: George Cook, Charleston
5. The Old Post Office, Charleston (c1865) Publisher: Unknown
6. East Battery looking south (c1866) Publisher: S. T. Souder, Charleston
7. Laborers returning at sunset from picking cotton on Alexander Knox's plantation, Mt. Pleasant, near Charleston (1874) Publisher: G. N. Barnard, Charleston
6703 Charleston Civil War 1-reel set $9.95



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