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View Production 3D Architectural Reels

[ Russel Wright ] Hans Scharoun ] Frank Gehry ] Gaudi ] Sampler Reel ]

These are a  series of View-Master reels documenting great works of architecture using stereoscopic (3-D) photography.  All but the Gaudi are 3 reels sets with special packaging and a hard plastic jewel case similar to but smaller than a CD case.

 They are published by View Productions under the direction of Michael Kaplan and Gregory Terry. Michael Kaplan is Professor of Architecture Emeritus at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he has taught architectural design and theory. Winner of the AIA Education Honors Award in 1991, he is a licensed architect and has lectured and published widely on cultural aspects of architecture. He is a veteran stereo photographer; his lecture on the history, theory and practice of 3-dimensional architectural photography has been presented at venues throughout the United States. Gregory Terry is a graduate of the University of Tennessee School of Architecture. He received a Master of Architecture with Graphic Design concentration from North Carolina State University for a thesis entitled "A Center for View-Master Technology."

Also published by the same author is Fallingwater, a set of reels about Wright's famous house,  and Frank Gehry- Sheet Metal .

NEW Russell Wright Dragon Rock Viewmaster Reel6701.jpg (39052 bytes)

One of the most important innovators of industrial design for the home, Russel Wright (1904-1976) designed his own residence in Garrison, New York, on the edge of a reclaimed granite quarry. The house, known as Dragon Rock, and the surrounding woodland garden, Manitoga, were designated a National Historic Landmark in 2006 and are documented in this packet of seven full-color 3-dimension images in the View-Master® format.

6701 Russel Wright Dragon Rock Viewmaster Reel 14.95

Sampler Reel6709.jpg (24267 bytes)

This is View* Production's first 'sampler' reel that contains one image from each of seven 3-reel packets, featuring the work of Bruce Goff, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Charles and Ray Eames, and Hans Scharoun. Two of the images are taken from the packets themselves, while five of the images - including a stunning view of Fallingwater in the autumn - have never been released before.  These architectural reels are packaged in a limited-edition translucent sleeve.
6709 View Productions Sampler Reel 11.95

Hans Scharoun: Buildings in BerlinScharoun.jpg (58984 bytes)

The importance of Hans Scharoun (1893-1972) as one of the leading figures in the Modern movement has only recently been acknowledged. His use of non-rectilinear geometry in plan and creation of expressive flowing spaces define his place in architectural history. Two of his public buildings in Berlin, Germany, the Philharmonic concert hall (1963) and the State Library (1979), are photographed for the first time in three dimensions and presented on three View-Master® reels. Included in the packet is Scharoun's own conceptual description of the Philharmonic, and notes by Peter Blundell Jones discussing the buildings in the context of the architect's career. This publication was supported by a grant from The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.

This set includes 3 View-Master® reels in a jewel case. More info.

6609 Hans Scharoun 23.95
6609V Hans Scharoun with black Viewmaster viewer 28.95


Frank Gehry: Sheet Metal 

gehry.jpg (43972 bytes)Contemporary architect Frank Gehry is best known for his innovative use of materials and sculptural shaping of space. This packet of 21 full-color three-dimension photographs contains views of 3 recent metal-clad projects: the Sheet Metal Craftsmanship exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC (1988), the Center for Visual Arts in Toledo, Ohio (1989), and the Weisman Museum of Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota (1993). Included in the packet are notes discussing the popularity of Gehry's work, and the architect's own thoughts on the profession of architecture.

670 Frank Gehry- Sheet Metal  34.95

Frank Gehry 3 Theatres

Frank Gehry: 3 Theaters features three of Gehry's performance venues that illustrate the startling evolution of the Canadian-American architect's work in the 21st century. Three View-Master reels contain 21 stereoscopic 3D images of the Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles), the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park (Chicago) and the Sosnoff Theater at Bard College (Annandale-on-Hudson, New York).


6705 Frank Gehry- 3 Theaters  34.95


Antonio Gaudí: Park Güell 1-reel set

The great Spanish architect Antonio Gaudí was born in Catalonia in 1852, the son of a coppersmith. His residential and religious buildings are known for their complex shapes, intricate and colorful decoration, and daring structural innovation. Park Güell, commissioned in 1900 by Gaudi's lifelong patron Eusebio Güell, was the architect's unique venture into urban design. The 'garden city' included 60 potential building sites and an assortment of park structures that conformed to the topography of the Barcelona hillside. 

The seven full-color 3-dimensional images on this View-Master® reel include views of the gate lodge, the fanciful stone and concrete galleries, ceramic-faced fountains and serpentine benches. Park Güell was photographed in 1966 by Michael Kaplan using a TDC Colorist stereo camera and Kodachrome film. 

6607  Price $14.95


[ Russel Wright ] Hans Scharoun ] Frank Gehry ] Gaudi ] Sampler Reel ]

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