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Theatre de la Mode- 3D FashionTheatre de la Mode, click to see a large view of the reel contents (large file).

The Theatre de la Mode (Theater of Fashion) was the result of collaboration among the art, theater. and fashion worlds in France following World War II as Paris began to rebuild after the war, supplies were so scarce that designers were unable to present their 1945 fashions on live models. They overcame this challenge by creating 27-inch mannequins arranged in elaborate sets created by the top theater designers. The wire mannequins with plaster heads received the same attention to detail as live models; including unique hairstyles and detailed accessories. The exhibit toured Europe and America raising funds for war relief.

This rare 1-reel set, photographed by Ivy Feibelman, is housed in an archival sleeve with a foldout outlining and identifying the outfits in every image.  John Dennis, editor of Stereo World magazine, calls this "one of the most unique VM reels of some time".

663 Theatre De La Mode   10.00

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