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The 3-D Albums cover a wide variety of subjects and each comes with three View-Master Reels. They are informative and interesting for everybody, whether young or old.  The production quality of these reels is unmatched, they were printed at the now defunct View-Master plant in Europe and published in Holland.

Boy scout adventure!

A World Adventure (18th World Jamboree) 

In this 3-D picture story of the 18th World Jamboree in Dronten, Holland.  3-D photographer Hugo de Wijs has captured in 21 stereoscopic pictures the high spirits of scouts from all over the world at this event. Views show a number of the national subcamps and scouting activities.

bullet SKU 658    17.00

Jacobus G. Ferwerda - The Man of 3-D Jacobus G. Ferwerda - The Man of 3-D

Harry zur Kleinsmiede and Wim van Keulen look at the life and 3-D works of the late Dr. Jacobus Ferwerda (1910-1990) and his ingenuity in constructing cameras and projectors in war-torn Europe. This is a good chance to see the work of the man who wrote the book that is thought of by some as the most authoritative book on stereo photography ever published. 

bullet  SKU#652     $17.00

Windows on the Sea 

Life in China 

In 1978, China opened its borders to all visitors after decades of total isolation. Harry zur Kleinsmiede traveled there and recorded the life of the people in 3-D. A lot has changed in the years since! 

bullet SKU#655     $17.00


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