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Books about 3D

The World of 3-D

A Practical Guide to Stereo Photography
by Jacobus G. Ferwerda

Since its first printing in 1982, thousands of copies of The World of 3-D have been sold to stereo photographers around the world. This book has been widely acknowledged as the standard text on the subject. It is the most complete and definite book presently available on stereo photography in all its practical aspects from seeing, taking, and producing. It starts out basic enough for the absolute beginner, but advances in logical steps to cover more advanced and diverse topics.

With over 245 illustrations, many of which are stereo pairs suitable for free viewing or viewing with a simple viewer, The World of 3-D sets out to answer the questions that are asked by everyone who wants to make their own 3-D pictures. At the same time, it challenges the more experienced stereographer to think about what he is doing, perhaps from a new perspective.

An excellent addition to this book would be the View-Master 3 reel set Jacobus G. Ferwerda - The Man of 3-D which is a good way to see the work of the man who wrote the book.

The World of 3-D is divided into six parts and 27 chapters:

1 An easy beginning: stereo pairs on paper
2 Taking a stereo picture
3 Perfection in stereo mounting
4 Stereo projection
5 Separation of homologous points in stereo mounting and stereo projection
6 A few special stereo techniques

    636   World of 3D $53.95

Stereo Photography by Fritz G. Waack

 Do-it-yourself section 
 Numerous math formulas
Tables for 3-D photo calculations
Useful information for both beginning & advanced stereo photographers

This 72 page 5" x 7" format book is subtitled “An Introduction to Stereo Photo Technology and Practical Suggestions for Stereo Photography.” This is the updated English edition of the original published in 1979 by the German Stereoscopic Society. It is packed with useful information for both beginning and advanced stereo photographers.

1023.jpg (10217 bytes)Beginners will appreciate the general background that is provided for getting started, and the "do-it-yourself" section which shows how to mawaack.gif (4604 bytes)ke your own slide bar, twin camera rig, stereo slide and print stereo viewers. Illustrations supplement the text.

Advanced stereographers will find detailed technical information including technical diagrams, and numerous mathematical formulas and tables for stereo photography calculations.

A good all-around text for any 3-D library. 

1023 Stereo Photography by Fritz G. Waack $11.95

Repair Manual for the Fed Stereo Camera
click for large slow loading view.

This book is an indispensable resource for the owner of any Fed Stereo Camera.   Due to the peculiarities of the Eastern European design and the rarity of the camera most repair people have little knowledge of the camera.   The 7P format and the auto-exposure make this one of the most popular modern stereo cameras.  The manual is an 'English' translation of the original factory manual and although accurate, does not have the highest production value.  However the figures and the information is invaluable. Click for larger view.

We have included a sample page of this 22 page (5 figures) Softcover book.

630 Repair Manual for the Fed Stereo Camera $16.00


3D Mounting Guide: A Practical Guide to Mounting Stereo Slides by Harry zur Kleinsmiede (basic)

mtgguide001.jpg (419367 bytes) mtgguidebk002.jpg (680829 bytes) Click on images for enlargement

mtgguidebk003.jpg (298459 bytes)

This easy to understand guide illustrates the important aspects of proper mounting slides from 3D film cameras to 3D slide mounts. Precise mounting allows for delightful and dramatic hand or projector viewing of 3D images. Alignment issues: horizontal, vertical and rotational adjustments are clearly explained in this illustrated 23 page guide.

The 3-D Mounting Guide is for everyone who is fascinated by three-dimensional photography and practices this branch of photography or intends to do so. Correct mounting of the two images producing the stereo image is essential. It is an important part of stereo photography that requires a great deal of precision, if you want delight in your stereo slides without headaches. If you know what to pay attention to when mounting and what happens when shifting the slides inside the mount, then stereo mounting will be less difficult than supposed. By adhering strictly to the rules in this instruction booklet you will get perfectly mounted stereo slides.

Harry zur Kleinsmiede had actively occupied himself with stereo photography for thirty years. He is co-founder of the Netherlands Society for Stereo Photography, founded in 1973, and of the International Stereoscopic Union, founded in 1975. In 1985 he established 3-D Book Productions, a publishing house specializing in publications on stereo photography in past and present.

618 3D Mounting Guide $16.00


Photographing in 3D

This 3rd Edition features more text on every subject, more illustrations including 34 full-color 3-D views, and better image quality thanks to the use of a special high-resolution continuous-tone printing process.

In easy-to-understand terms this book covers everything from taking 3-D photos with a single ordinary film camera to mounting 3-D slides or prints, viewing, and even projecting in 3-D. For three years the earlier editions were used for a university course in London, England.

Twin cameras, stereo cameras, attachments, and even a bit of history are all included in this 32 page book. The 34 full-color 3-D views and 27 black-and-white illustrations range in subject from aerial hyperstereos to close-ups of flowers and birds, and compliment the easily understood text. All 3-D images are suitable for free-viewing (directions included), or for viewing with an optional viewer.

The book is about 5½" x 8½", printed on glossy paper. If you bought the 1st or 2nd edition of this book, you still should consider adding this beautiful new 3rd edition to your collection. If you are a beginner we strongly recommend this as a great book to get you started!

Sample Pages

706 Photographing in 3D $9.95

The Stereoscope and Stereoscopic Photography

THIS BOOK IS THE SECOND in a series of facsimile editions of historical 3-D works published by David Starkman and Susan Pinsky of Reel 3-D Enterprises; it follows Brown's Stereoscopic Phenomena of Light and Sight (1903), which they published in 1994. The Stereoscope and Stereoscopic Photography was written in 1894 by F. Drouin of France and first published in French. Matthew Surface (then editor of The Practical Photographer) translated it into English that same year for publication in England. 

Little is known about F. Drouin himself, but the high quality of his work leads us to believe he was very skilled and knowledgeable in photography in general and the 3-D techniques and equipment of his day. This book focuses mainly on the stereoscopes of that era. Drouin thoroughly describes and illustrates just about all types that were in use at that time, as well as a number of advanced concepts in stereo photography and viewing that became practical and feasible only long afterwards with the development of new technologies. The author also discusses all types of stereo photography methods (e.g., single camera, twin camera, twin-lens camera, slide bar, etc.), as well as a brief section on bin-ocular vision and the perception of relief. David and Susan are to be commended for the superb reproduction quality of this facsimile edition of a fascinating book and thanked for their on-going efforts to provide 3-D enthusiasts with copies of these excellent historical works, in which much of the information is just as valid and useful today as it was over 100 years ago. 

627 The Stereoscope and Stereoscopic Photography $14.95

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