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Anaglyph Books

These books contain images in Anaglyph (red/blue or red/cyan) format.  They all require and include 3D anaglyphic glasses.  Click on images for more information.

Phantogram Book

The Phantogram book is full color in 11" x 14" format, and feaFrontCoverLook.jpg (33961 bytes)tures thirty-two anaglyph phantograms of nature’s beauty taken in natural settings around the western United States. In addition are instructional pages on how to take phantograms outdoors in natural settings. The images are viewed with standard 3D glasses (2 pairs are provided with the book).

More Information

6871 Phantograms from Nature, Western USA $34.95

Through the Electronic Looking Glass

electroniclookingglass.jpg (88850 bytes)AMONG THE MOST FASCINATING pictures you’ll ever see in 3-D are those produced by scanning electron microscopes, or "SEMs"! These instruments, which use electrons rather than light to create images, are capable of magnification and resolution far beyond that possible with optical (or "light") microscopes, and the images they produce give you entirely different, amazing, and often very surprising views of even the most ordinary everyday objects. The addition of the third dimension to SEM views makes them even more spectacular, since you can actually see the spatial relationships in the images that you could only imagine in "flat" 2-D images.

More Information

6873 Through the Electronic Looking Glass $19.95


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