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Viewer Repair Books

For those of you who are fans of the older 1950s viewers below are George Themelis's (known as Dr. T) Viewer Books.  These are probably the most authoritative books ever written on the subject of Realist Format Stereo viewers.  They not only include detailed repair and upgrading instructions, but where noted they include replacement parts for tuning up the viewer. 

The books also detail how to upgrade the lenses, open the apertures to allow viewing of larger format slides and how to replace aged reflectors to allow for a better view of your slides. They also include copies of the original instructions and sometimes copies of the original promotional material. Click on the thumbnails to get a better view of the covers.

Red Button   Green Button  Model D  Kodaslide  Realist Manual


 How to Maintain, Repair and Improve your Red Button Viewer

Realist Red Button

Realist ST-61 (2061) Stereo Slide Viewer

This book goes over what is probably the most popular slide viewer ever made.  A second edition, it goes into detail on all the aspects of the viewers fine points and trouble shooting issues.  It also outlines replacing the lenses of the viewer with achromats (def).  Dr. T's enthusiasm for the viewer is apparent as he  lovingly details methods for restoring an old viewer.  56 Pages Softcover.

SKU#631 $20.00


Realist Green Button

(Model 2062) AC/DC Stereo Slide Viewergreenbutton0.jpg (631706 bytes)

This details the Green Button viewer which was Realist's answer to the Kodaslide II.   It included a DC option and was a total redesign from the red button.  42 Pages Softcover.

SKU#632 $20.00


 How to Maintain, Repair and Improve your

viewmastermodeld0.jpg (622684 bytes)VM Model "D" View Master Focusing Viewer

This enumerates everything you wanted to know about the Rolls Royce of View Master viewers.  A focusing, lighted viewer with glass lenses it was a higher quality viewer compared with what you can find in a toy store.  Due to its many moving parts it needs frequent maintenance and is difficult to take apart and clean.  This book goes into detail on the cleaning process along for inspection tips on shopping for a used model.  50 Pages Softcover.

SKU#633 $20.00

How to Maintain, Repair and Improve your

Kodaslide I and II Stereo Slide Viewers

Kodaslide.jpg (165340 bytes)This book details Kodak's entrant into the viewer market, it details both the Kodaslide I which was battery operated and had plastic lenses and the Kodaslide II which had achromats and offered both AC and DC operation.  It goes over the often practiced modification of replacing the Kodaslide I's lenses with achromats (def.) and also fixing the problem plagued friction pad focusing mechanism.50 Pages Softcover.

Excerpt from book.

SKU#634 $20.00

realistmanual.jpg (233015 bytes)

Instruction Book for the Stereo Realist Camera

This is the book about the camera that started the 1950s stereo camera craze.  It is a good starter book on understanding the 5p format and other basic aspects of stereo photography.  The Realist camera has a few unique characteristics that are difficult to understand without the instruction that this book provides.  This includes the fact that one cradles the camera on your forehead and the loading procedure of the film which if not followed properly can result in a wasted roll.

SKU#635 $10.00


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