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Phantograms from Nature, Western USA FrontCoverLook.jpg (33961 bytes)

by Barry Rothstein 

This book is full color in 11" x 14" format, and features thirty-two anaglyph phantograms of nature’s beauty taken in natural settings around the western United States. In addition are instructional pages on how to take phantograms outdoors in natural settings. The images are viewed with standard 3D glasses (2 pairs are provided with the book).

Unlike traditional 3D images, which are viewed straight on, and can show remarkable depth between foreground and background, a phantogram is viewed from above and at an angle. A phantogram is an optical illusion, a special class of 3-dimensional photography. Phantogram images miraculously rise off the printed pages, perfectly realistic phantoms of the real subjects photographed. The illusion is accomplished by the systematic mimicry of normal vision. This first-of-its-kind book represents a dramatic raising of standards for printed anaglyphs (color-filtered 3-dimensional images). To date phantogram images have been seen by very few other than 3D photo hobbyists.

"It's difficult not to reach out to try to touch them (almost everyone does). The WOW effect is practically universal, both for adults and kids."

Click on images for a closer view.  With 3D red-cyan anaglyph glasses you should be able to get a taste of what they provide, but nothing near the quality of a large printed image. Ideally phantograms are made to be viewed from above at an angle, and not straight on.  This book is spiral bound for easy viewing and comes with 3D glasses.

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6871 Phantograms from Nature, Western USA  $34.95


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