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Stereoviews Illustrated

This book by renowned stereoview collector Russell Norton contains 50 full size stereoviews from the early in the history of the United States.  It has a spiral binding to make it viewable with a stereoscope or with a lorgnette.  

It contains cards so rare it would hundreds of thousands of dollars  to own them today.  (Review)

bullet50 extraordinary American stereoviews (1860s - 1880s)
bulletfull size / full stereo reproductions
bulletGreat quality 250 line duotones on 100# glossy stock
bullet64 pg, 50 figs, 3 color cover, 6x9" horizontal, wire-0 binding
bulletincludes 3 page stereoview price guide


709 Stereoviews Illustrated 18.95
709V Stereoviews Illustrated with AO Viewer 21.95

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