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Mounting 3D Film Service

Due to the large number of request we have had we will mount your 3D stereo slides taken with a 5P stereo camera.  Cameras generally used for this are the Stereo Realist, TDC Colorist, Revere Stereo, and Kodak Stereo.  The cost for this is $69.95 per roll.  First you must have your slide film developed at a lab.  Make sure that the lab does not cut or mount the film.  So label it carefully do not mount or cut.  The cost is the same for a 24 or 36 exposure roll.  Then mail us the developed uncut film loosely rolled in a box.  We will cut it and mount it in our plastic mounts.  This is the type of service previously done by Kodak.  Like Kodak, film developed in this manner is for use in a hand viewer and is not precision mounted in a way which makes for comfortably viewed projected slides.  We use our RBT Mounts for this.  heatsealclosed.jpg (7067 bytes)

This is a service that we provide for those who are trying stereo cameras and want to see the slides before they invest in their own mounting equipment.  We suggest that frequent stereo photographers mount their own slides as that is half the fun (and a fraction of the price)!


Please mail your roll to:

3D Mounting Service
Berezin Stereo Photography Products  
21686 Abedul
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Personal checks are fine.  Please insure your shipment and include return shipping.  ($16.95 UPS or $11 US Mail in the continental US).  Allow 6 to 8 weeks.

599 Mount one roll of Realist Film

If you are interested in having your multi-lens camera film developed (Nimslo, Nishika...Please click here).


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Berezin Stereo Photography Products 21686 Abedul,  Mission Viejo, CA 92691 USA  (949) 215-1556 or 1554 We accept PayPal! 

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