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Eugene Kupjack

3D Images of the Thorne Room Miniatures

Housed at the Chicago Museum of Art

This 4-reel set details the work of miniature room creator Eugene Kupjack (1912-1991).He worked extensively with Mrs. James Thorne who was an avid collector of miniatures to make a collection of thirty-seven American period rooms.  His collection is now housed in the Chicago Museum of Art and is considered the finest collection of miniature rooms in the United States.  Four of the rooms are detailed with their own individual reels in this collection. Click on the pictures to view a larger image.

French Provincial Bedroom, Normandy, France

French.jpg (52924 bytes)

Circa 1850

This miniature room incorporates several features of the Normandy French Country House: the recessed alcove, beamed ceiling, thick stone walls and red tile floor.  The furniture depicted here is Provincial in design and was made by local craftsmen, generally of fruitwood. 

Flag Room, Betsy Ross Memorial  Circa 1776

Betsyrossroom.jpg (103187 bytes)

1950s Art Studio- New York

Workshop.jpg (34579 bytes)

London Regency Silver Shop

Silvershop.jpg (32338 bytes)
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