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Stewart Film Screens

We offer Stewart 3D Film Screens for fixed Screens

Specialized silver screen for passive 3-D use.  All units custom built to your size specifications

Please Contact Us for more details on this material and its application.  Please provide desired screen dimensions for a quote. 

Silver 3D Features
Enhances 3D Effects
Flame Retardant
Silver 3D Gain Performance


Horizontal & Vertical Viewing Angle

Half Gain AngleGain: 2.0
Half Gain @ 26


Notice: We do not recommend the use of this particular Silver 3D screen material with retractable screen models. Due to the aluminized screen finish, there is a high probability of screen laddering, poor lay-flat characteristics and corner wrinkles in the image area.  For that reason we recommend this screen for fixed applications only.
Performance Response
Projection Screen Front Projection Only
Perforations Available in Cineperf
Framing and Design Available in fixed only 
Masking Available
Gain 3.2
Half Gain @ 22
Seams None
Seamless Size Restrictions 40' X 90' 

Half Gain Viewing Angle

Half gain is the standard that the projection screen industry uses to measure the brightness performance of a projection screen when the viewer is observing the screen from am extreme angle or "off to the side".

A projection screen's peak brightness is when the viewer is directly in front and perpendicular to the center of the screen. This is referred to as Peak Gain at Zero Degrees Viewing Axis. As the viewer moves out to the side of the center of the screen axis, the brightness of the projected image will drop off. When the brightness drop off angle reaches 50 percent of peak gain, that determines the screen's half gain (or half brightness) viewing angle specification.

Example: Lets say a projector screen has a peak gain of 4 and it's output is 22 Foot Lamberts when directly in front of the screen at zero axis. Let's say the screen's half gain specification is at 52 degrees. That means that when a viewer is seated at 52 degrees of center screen, the viewer would observe half the brightness as a viewer that's seated directly in front of the screen - 11 Foot Lamberts - Gain of 2.

We are an authorized reseller of Stewart Film Screens.

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