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SCSC DVDThe SCSC DVD a 3-D Movie and Video 20 Year Retrospective

No collection is complete without this incredible assortment of rare material. The SCSC DVD contains well over one hour of 3-D fun, including short films, videos and computer generated imagery.  Plus, its field sequential 3-D format can be viewed with readily available, inexpensive hardware.  Get your copy now!  A portion of the proceeds of the sales of this item go to support the Stereo Club of Southern California.  This DVD is in field sequential 3D format. For use with our shutter glasses or 3D HMD displays.  Never before offered at this price!

5951 SCSC 3D DVD


The SCSC 3-D DVD contains clips from the following 3-D movies and videos:

SCSC 3-D Olypmpics -- Bill Shepard Nature Trail -- Owen Western Weekend Panorama -- Ray Hannisian Hot Air Ballooning in the Colorado Rockies -- Ray Hannisian Travels in Guatemala -- VRex Concerto in 3-D -- Oliver Dean An Afternoon of Culture at the Dorothy Chandler -- Ray Zone Main Street Electrical Parade -- Al Razutis Meditations --Al Razutis Nagual -- Al Razutis Virtual Flesh -- Al Razutis Statues -- Larry Ashley Skate 3-D -- Stereomedia Productions New Dimensions in Transportation -- Ray Hannisian A Night at the Opera -- Ray Hannisian Utah’s Canyon Lands, Baja Peninsula -- VRex Robo Jones -- Ron Labbe A Better Mousetrap -- VRex Elysium -- Don Radovich Terror in the Archives -- VRex V-Rex Promo Reel -- VRex Space Rescue -- VRex Wreck of the Rhone -- i-Art Corp. Fairy Tale -- Aaron Ross Cruise the Circuit -- Ray Hannisian A Virtual Visit to New York -- Tom Riederer Ocean Adventure -- Harold Baize Burning Man 3-D: A Burning Question -- Peter G. Hanson Make Your Mark

Plus the following bonus material:

John Hart Getting into 3-D Movies -- Alan Williams The Bolex Stereo 16mm -- Larry Brown The Elgeet Stereo 16mm -- Scott Stephen Direct Anaglyph -- David Starkman & Susan Pinsky The Formation of the SCSC Movie Division -- Owen Western Over/Under Elmo Super 8mm -- Bill Shepard The Powell Unit for Over/Under Super 8mm -- Oliver Dean Consumer 3-D Video -- Ray Zone The 3-D Oeuvre

73 minutes running time, Color, NTSC, 4:3, 3-D Field Sequential, English

5951 SCSC 3D DVD

Read what R.M. Hayes says about some of these films in:
 3-D Movies, A History and Filmography of Stereoscopic Cinema

The 3-D Olympics

The III-D Olympiad ( Stereo Club of Southern California; February 20, 1986). Filmed in Elgeet Stereo (16mm side-by-side .67:1). Director ­ Alan D. Williams. Script ­ Tony Alderson, Alan D. Williams and members of the crew and cast. Narration and music ­ Oliver Dean and Alan D. Williams. Cinematographers ­ Stuart Weisbuch and David Starkman. Cameras ­ Box H16 and Éclair ACL. Production Manager ­ John Hart. Art Director ­ Tony Alderson. Wardrobe ­ Daphne Shepard. Budget Director ­ Oliver Dean. Continuity ­ Bill Shepard. Props ­ Susan Pinsky.

A Movie Division of the Stereo Club of Southern California production. Filmed in Los Angeles. Kodachrome 25 (Yale Labs). Optical sound. 6 minutes.

Cast: Holly Weisbuch, Earl Colgan, Alan D. Williams, David Starkman, Bill Shepard, Oliver Dean, Susan Pinsky, Stuart Weisbuch, Daphne Shepard and George Skelley.

This amateur production, the first movie by the Stereo Club of Southern California, was not released theatrically but has been publicly exhibited. It spoofed the Los Angeles Olympics in a series of unconnected, comic outdoor sports events including the backwards race, the javelin catch, the standing race and the long, long, long jump among others. Some of the "amateurs" involved in the production have also been associated with professional filmmaking.

-- p. 347


Nature Trail (June 28, 1986). Filmed in Powell 3-D (super 8 side-by-side version 1.33:1). Producer ­ David Jantzow. Director and 3-D cinematographer ­ Bill Shepard. Writers ­ David Jantzow, Bill Shepard and Daphne Shepard. Suggested by "Nature Trail to Hell in 3-D" by "Weird Al" Yankovic. 3-D technology ­ Marc Powell. Camera ­ Chinon. Filmed in Southern California. Kodachrome 40 (Ektachrome prints by Yale Labs). Magnetic sound. 3 minutes, 55 seconds.

Cast: Sherry MacCarthy, Amy Shepard and Michelle Vensky (Nature Trail cheerleaders), Gary Shelby (Jason Voorhees), Butch Barbata (Ro-Man) and David Youngberg (Smoky the Bear).

This amateur short, a parody of Friday the 13th-Part III (q.v.) and National Forest Service television commercials was not released theatrically but was publicly exhibited. The story: Three high school cheerleaders hiking down a nature trail are attacked by Jason who murders one with an axe while the other two escape only to be set upon by Ro-Man who rips the arm off one and throws it into the bushes where it is eaten by a giant rat. The third cheerleader lights a fire to warm and comfort her, but she is reprimanded by Smoky the Bear. They walk off in the horizon, arm in arm, followed by Jason and Ro-Man also arm in arm. Extremely well made.

-- p. 276

Nature Trail

Weekend Panorama

Weekend Panorama (Western; August 1984) Filmed in Western 3-D (Super 8 side-by-side vertical 1.66:1). Filmmaker ­ Owen C. (Wes) Western

Kodachrome 40 (Technicolor through Tru-Color). Magnetic sound.

This amateur short was not released theatrically but has had extremely wide exhibition to numerous organizations and clubs. It was filmed with a substantially modified Elmo ESM-1 Stereo Movie Unit (see photo on page 367). This film is a collection of entertaining things to do in the Southern California area and includes a drive through Balboa Park in San Diego, various performers in the park, the Imperial Beach sand castle building championships and hot-air ballooning in the north country.

-- p. 365


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