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Gunnar and Texel 3d Glasses Work for 3DTVs, Monitors and Movies!

Berezin Stereo is proud to be the sole authorized distributor of these Gunnar brands of designer circularly polarized 3D glasses.  They are better than in the box glasses for your passive 3D TVs (Vizio and LG) due to increased sharpness and better light transmission.  They are also much better quality than the 3D glasses that the RealD 3D cinemas pass out!  Most 3D movies you see in the theatre use these passive 3D glasses.  

These will replace and improve upon the glasses listed on the chart below and any other that are listed as Passive:
Name Model
XPAND - Passive Universal 3D Glasses  PG50POLR
Sony - Passive 3D Glasses


LG Passive 3d glasses any
Real D 3d glasses any
LG Cinema 3D Glasses AG-F315
LG Cinema 3D Glasses AG-F330
LG Cinema 3D Glasses AG-F310
LG Cinema 3D Glasses AG-F210
Vizio  XPG302
Vizio XPG202
Toshiba FPTP100UP
Toshiba 3DGLA4PK
Some TVs listed that it works with are 
SONY:  LG:  Vizio: Panasonic Toshiba Epson Projector
KLV-32HX550 KLV-42HK650 KLV-42HK550



42LW4500-CA 42LW5500-CA 42LW6500-CA 47LW4500-CA 47LW5500-CA 47LW6500-CA 55LW4500-CA 55LW5500-CA 55LW6500-CA 32CM540-CA 47LW6500-CC 72LZ9900 42CM540-CA 55LW6500-CC 47CM540-CA





















+Any models listed as Passive 3D





M701d-A3 M801d-A3 M701d-A3R M601d-A3R M551d-A2R M551d-A2 M501d-A2R E420d-A0 M3D651SV M3D550SL M3D650SV E3D470VX E3D420VX E3D320VX


+Any models listed as Theater 3D












GLI_00106_Onyx_l.jpg (82570 bytes) GLI_00106_Onyx_b.jpg (89025 bytes)


Best of all worlds. Gliff combines the precision, strength and grace of a metal frame with the flexibility, sculpture and fit of an injected frame. Intentionally rigid around the lenses, Gliff minimizes frontal flexing that distorts optics, but maintains a soft and forgiving fit in the temple region to accommodate a wide range of faces. A frame without compromise, the styling of this performance eyewear is punctuated with chrome metal accents and a high gloss finish. Finished with custom machined lenses embedded with i-AMP3D lens technology, Gliff's performance brings professional grade optics into the consumer's reach. RealD™ compatible. Works in all RealD theatres, LG and Vizio Passive 3DTVs, Passive 3D Computer Monitors and   other circular polarized 3D settings. 

"I have seen 4 movies in the theater with these and then I forgot to bring them and what a difference, they make a huge difference, better quality lenses, clearer picture and less headaches if you are prone to getting them. I got the Gliff frame and the fit very nice. Highly recommend!" -Real User

• Thick hard plastic molded lens thickness for dimensionally stable, ultra precise optics;
• 6base curvature for more panoramic viewing, better eye protection, and face contoured fit;
• 20% more light transmission compared with traditional disposable eyewear;
• Hard coated lenses extend lens durability;
• 97+% polarization efficiency. Eliminates "cross talk" and ghosting;
• RealD compatible. Works with RealD theaters, passive TV sets, and most 3d monitors and laptops;
• Magnesium Aluminum alloy frames provide strength and rigidity for professional grade, long term use;
• Ergonomic spring hinges adapt to a wide range of comfortable fits.
GUGLIF Gunnar Gliff Glasses Quantity 1 $24.95
GUGL2 Gunnar Gliff Glasses Carton of 2 (19.97 each) $39.94
GUGL30 Gunnar Gliff Glasses Carton of 30 ($14.95 Each) $448.50
>120 Contact Us


wpeA3.gif (23383 bytes)

Texel 3D eyewear puts 3D technology to work. Sequel frames deliver on the promise of top level
optical performance and cutting edge styling. Large lenses let you see the movie, instead of seeing
the edges of your frame. Curved lenses give a panoramic view and keep your vision sharp, even in
the peripheral regions. Sequel's frame is lightweight but ultra-strong ... flexible enough to fit
a wide range of faces but rigid enough to hold the lenses without bending and creating stress on
the optics. With fashionable styling, great durability, and crystal clear optics, Sequel brings
3D effects to life. RealD compatible.
Key Product Features:
• Lightweight frames with top quality materials made to last
• Optical lenses outperform all disposable 3D eyewear and eyewear bundled with TVs and laptops
• Large curved lenses provide panoramic viewing.
• Compatible with RealD cinemas and circular polarized TV sets and laptops
TEXGR Texel Sequel Glasses Grey 19.95
TEXBL Texel Sequel Glasses Black 19.95


wpeA1.jpg (564873 bytes)The Texel Prequel 3D eyewear puts 3D technology to work. Prequel frames are built for comfort, durability and
adaptability. Able to fit over prescription eyewear, the Prequel sports large lenses for an unobstructed
view. Ergonomically correct frames fit a wide range of faces and can be worn for extended
periods without fatigue or strain. Optically engineered lenses work perfectly with the 3D screens
to provide incredibly vivid 3D effects. With great styling, exceptional comfort, and crystal clear
optics, Prequel brings 3D effects to life. RealD compatible.  These have film lenses so are more economical 
than the other Gunnar manufactured designer 3D glasses.

Key Product Features:
• Lightweight frames with top quality materials made to last
• Wider frame sizes allows fitting over prescription eyewear
• Optical lenses outperform all disposable 3D eyewear and eyewear bundled with TVs and laptops
• Compatible with RealD cinemas and circular polarized TV sets and laptops
TEXPR Texel Prequel Glasses 14.95



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