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Art in Depth

Paintings converted to Stereo New 2nd Edition

These include samples of Jim Long's 3D Conversions.  Jim is considered to be one of the Worlds foremost 3D converters shows a great deal of his work here.  They are presented in both Anaglyph and side by side format here.  For more information on how to do your own conversions from 2D to 3D, please see the DVD on doing your 3D Conversions. Each CD includes versions in anaglyph, cross-eyed, and parallel formats.

86 of the art images can be viewed on this computer CD.  See below for sample images.

6893 Art in Depth $19.95

Recommended screen size is 1024x768 or higher with a web browser.
Click on images for larger versions.

longstgeorge.jpg (400288 bytes) long2.jpg (289305 bytes) long3.jpg (358002 bytes) 1954 Salvador Dali The Disintegration of the Persistence of.jpg (319755 bytes) 1871 Martin Johnson Heade Cattleya Orchid and Three Brazili.jpg (377560 bytes) 1857 Millet Jean-Francois The Gleaners.JPG (347835 bytes)

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