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Sheldon Aronowitz's Review of View-Master Reels and Packets A Collector's Guide by Harry zur Kleinsmiede

I just received Harry Kleinsmiede's new book, Volume 2 (USA and Canada) View Master reels and packets. It far exceeds the high standards I expected and is a pleasure to read and look at. It is a beautiful 383 page hardcover with a great cover design. It is organized much the same way as volume 1, covering USA and Canada. I highly recommend it to any 3D, and certainly to any View-Master, collector - beginner or advanced. Much of the information in this book is not available elsewhere and the research that went into this book is mind boggling and a task that only one with Harry's expertise could accomplish. In the preface Harry asks to be kept informed of any reels or packets not listed in the book. I think I can safely say that even the most advanced collector would be hard pressed to identify a missing reel or packet. On the contrary - they will find numerous reels and packets that they never knew existed!! The 100 page appendix covers a wealth of information regarding numbering, SP reels, 1, 2, and 3 reel packets, A - N series, 5000 - 8000 series, etc. This book is a MUST for your library no matter what your level of collecting. Together with Volume 1 and the yet to be published Volume 3, this will be the definitive scholarly source for View Master reels and packets identification!!! 

Sheldon Aronowitz was a renowned View-Master photographer and collector.

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