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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Microsoft giveth, and Microsoft taketh away

In a wierd coincidence, the day after I published my last blog entry on the availability of Caligari Truespace, a now free and formerly expensive 3d design and animation package, Microsoft has decided to kill the package. This probably explains why the initial availability of this software wasn't advertised in the media more by Microsoft.

Since this is one of the best packages available for 3d design and even includes physically based modeling capabilities, I find this decision by Microsoft to be very unfortunate. I am now looking into a package that costs nearly $10,000 (Autodesk Inventor) to replace this capability.

If anyone reading this has influence at Microsoft, please ask them to reconsider the killing of this product.

For those of you who still want to download the software and video training, it is still available at (hurry, it won't be there for long). Here is the full text of the letter sent to all Truespace users by the founder of Caligari, Roman Ormandy: Full Text