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X102 For Your DLP-Link Projector or DLP-Link TV wpe1.jpg (69156 bytes)

Use the same shutter glasses that many theatres use for 3D projection!  Uses DLP-Link technology (def) Durable and light!  

DLP®-Link / White Light Communication

To further eliminate potential crosstalk, XpanD X102 Series is designed for DLP®-Link communication between the glasses and TV/projector. Please check the list below to see if your glasses are compatible. 
List of DLP ready 3D TVs and Projectors

X102 DLP Link Shutterglasses $39.95


XpanD X102 Series active glasses are rugged and flexible. The glasses were designed with flex points, which extend the lifetime of the glasses.

Automatic "OFF"3D Cinema Active Glasses - X102 Home

To better manage battery life, the X102 Series glasses turn "OFF" automatically.

The Brightest 3D Solution

3D requires as much light as possible. XpanD X102 Series features the fastest shutter technology for the brightest image.

Extended White-Light Range

Extended White-Light Range supports large rooms. The exact range depends on the amount of light coming from the projector or television. The Range is 80 feet.

The Highest Reliability in 3D Market

XpanD X102 Series components are built to work in extreme conditions, further endorsing XpanD’s long standing achievement of having the highest 3D reliability.

100% DLP®

XpanD X102 Series is optimized to work with DLP® chips.

No installation

XpanD X102 Series works without any installation. The user simply turns on the glasses when they wish to view 3D content.

What type of display can I use with XpanD X102?

Any DLP® Link 3D ready projector.  


Lens Type Pi-cell LCD
Lens Size 2.5" diagonal / 6.35 centimeters diagonal
Weight 2.1 ounces / 59.5 grams
Sync Method DLP®-Link, White Light
Battery Life ~ 80 hours
Cleaning X-Wipes (cleaning wipes)

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