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DSCN0011.JPG (227672 bytes)Under Water - A 3-D Wonderland

(Unter Wasser - 3D-Wunderwelt)

THIS AMAZING 3-D WORK from Wittig Books in Germany was written and photographed by Johannes Hinterkircher. He’s been a diver and underwater photographer for over 40 years, and after being introduced to stereo photography many years ago by a friend, he began developing his techniques and expertise in this special field, even to the point of designing and building his own cameras and equipment! He’s also an expert in marine biology and is very well-known in Germany for his 3-D marine biology slide presentations and lectures.

DSCN0013.JPG (221861 bytes)The fascinating stereo pairs in this book were taken by Mr. Hinterkircher in the Red Sea and the Maldive Islands, where he has spent at least several weeks every year diving and photographing the underwater fauna and flora, some of which are rarely seen by divers. Cygnus Graphic worked with Dr. and Mrs. Wittig in this book by translating Mr. Hinterkircher’s German text into English, and they’ve published the work as a dual-language English and German book.

This superb 8¼x8½-inch (21x22 cm) 240-page hardbound book is an ideal selection for anyone whoDSCN0012.JPG (219188 bytes) is interested in underwater life. It contains 106 full-color side-by-side stereo pairs, 105 of which are oversize (9 cm wide) for viewing with the included Added Dimension prism-lens viewer. There are also 11 enlarged 2-D full-color photos, and the author discusses diving and underwater photography and describes (with pictures) the underwater 3-D cameras he’s designed and built over the years. This is the first work of this type published in 3-D that adheres to the scientific principles of marine biology and the text is written so that the book can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

New low price (was 29.95)!

704 Underwater 3D 21.95

This book needs a viewer.  Get a Loreo lite or lorgnette.

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