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TriDef 3D Experience (discontinued see below)

Play 3D movies (requires Win DVD or Power DVD) in 3-D
Watch photo slideshows in 3-D (this requires that you name your 3D content using the Tridef stereoscopic file naming conventions)
Watch 2-D DVDs in 3-D (requires Win DVD)
Play certain games in 3-D (see note)
View computer graphics on 3-D displays
Watch your 2D photos in 3D.
See Google Earth in 3D!

This is one of the 2 software packages we offer to go with the Samsung or Mitsubishi 3D-Ready televisions.  The other Stereoscopic Player is a full featured 3D movie player meant mostly for 3D movie content.  While Tridef also will work for movies it also works with still images, some computer games, Google Earth, and some other 3D content.  This software allows you to play games using your computer and the Samsung or Mitsubishi 3D ready DLP sets, other supported 3D displays (see supported displays), and standard computer displays using the anaglyph option.  More information comparing Tridef Visualizer with Sterescopic Player.

It will also allow you to view your 2D content in a sort of simulated 3D.  This will also work with a large number of other types of displays including side by side, page flipped and others (see supported displays).  We find that Tridef works best with still images, some games and Google Earth, while Stereoscopic Player is the viewer of choice for movie content that is already in 3D, especially if you do not have WinDVDWe have found the 2D to 3D conversion capabilities of this software good.  However, it will vary widely depending on content.  We have found about 30% looks very good, 40% interesting and the rest not very satisfying.  We found using the software to view Google Earth worth the price of the software alone!

The all-new TriDef 3D Experience is now available for Samsung’s and Mitsubishi's line of 3-D enabled DLP HDTVs. All you need is a Samsung or Mitsubishi DLP 3-D HDTV, a suitably equipped PC, and one of Tridef's 3D DLP packs that includes everything you need to turn your DLP HDTV into a jaw-dropping, out of this world HD gaming and movie experience. That’s 1080p high definition 3D in your home starting at only $149.95!


TriDef Media Player 6.2.1
TriDef Launchpad 1.0.9
TriDef Visualizer DirectX 9 Driver 1.0.5
TriDef Visualizer OpenGL Driver 2.4.4

Don't forget to order your 3D Movies to go with the software!

3858 Tridef Visualizer Software for Windows Download Discontinued, please order Stereoscopic Player

Upon purchasing you will get the address of the web site for downloading and an activation code.  Any shipping charge which shows up in our cart for this item will be removed before charging you.  If paying by paypal do not include the itemized shipping charge.

Please note Sharp RD3D users should also download the Sharp RD3D License.

If you already have the necessary hardware, then you just need to buy the TriDef 3D Experience to begin enjoying another dimension on your 3D monitor, 3D projection system, or DLP 3D HDTV.

Watch any Hollywood movie in "Simulated" 3D.  We have found this effect better than expected on some movies while some are just OK.  

Automatically convert your favorite photos into "Simulated" 3D.  We have found this to be an interesting if not very well executed feature.


[1] For more information, see the list of TriDef compatible Samsung 3-D DLP® HDTVs available online .

[2] PC specification: To support full high definition (1080p) 3-D video the following PC specification is recommended: 
Intel® Core 2 Duo or AthlonTM 64 X2 Dual-Core CPU 
NVIDIA® GeForce 6600 or ATI RadeonTM X800 
100MB free disk space 
Windows® XP, Vista 
DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card 
DVD-ROM drive 
InterVideo WinDVD (XP & Vista) or Intervideo XPack (XP) 
Google Earth 
Internet connection 

[3] InterVideo WinDVD (XP & Vista) or Intervideo XPack (XP) is required for DVD playback

[4] Software activation: 

Customers using this to view Samsung TV content:  For this application you must have a graphics card with DVI output. A DVI to HDMI cable or DVI to HDMI adaptor is required to connect to a Samsung 3-D DLP® HDTV

A note about Games

The software activation code enables you to license the software on one PC (node locked). Licenses may not be transferred. Apart from the free demo game drivers (Tomb Raider Anniversary Demo and Command and Conquer 3 Demo) the 3-D game drivers are not included in these packs.


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