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3D Glasses and Software to go with your Samsung or Mitsubishi DLP 3D TV!

 (DLP rear projection 3D enabled)

As seen in Popular Science Magazine  

Most of Mitsubishi and some of Samsung's new rear projection DLP TVs offer 3D ready technology.  These televisions are marked 3D ready (see the graphic).  They offer flicker free 3D using the shutter glasses shown below with our 3D DVDs.  To use the 3D technology, you need a PC with a new version of Windows, a DVI card or HDMI out. an HDMI or DVI to HDMI cable, our software and a set of the shutter glasses below which are specially modified to view the stereoscopic content at 120HZ (60 at each eye).  We do not offer the TV, only the glasses and the software which enable it to run.  We would more highly recommend the 1080P sets below rather than the 720P sets.  

We offer 2 types of software for the Samsung TV's (you must have at least one).  Stereoscopic Player will play existing 3D content you have and works with our DVDs.  Tridef Visualizer will work with DVDs (if you have WinDVD or Power DVD).

For stereoscopic movies for this TV see 3D DVDs.

Now Shipping!

What you will need:

A fast Windows Media Center based computer with a DVI out or HDMI out and a DVI > HDMI cable or HDMI is required. A Samsung 3D enabled TV (see Graphic).

Compatible with the following Samsung DLP monitors:

HL-T5075S (720P), HL-T5076S, HL-T5087S, HL-T5089S
HL-T5675S (720P), HL-T5676S, HL-T5687S, HL-T5689S
HL-T6176S, HL-T6187S, HL-T6189S, HL67A750

Also with these Samsung Plasma TVs

PN42A450P and PN50A450P

Or any newer Samsung, and Mitsubichi DLP or Plasma TV marked "3D Ready".

Compatible with the following Mitsubishi TVs:

The 833 Series and all 2008-09 Mitsubishi Home Theater TVs are 3D ready

PC requirements:Derencd.jpg (12176 bytes)

Dual Core processor
2GB of RAM
Graphics card capable of supporting 1080P output

+ One of the packages below.

Special Limited Time Offer Free Video-  Now buy any of the Samsung Shutter glasses with software and get a video disc of high Def sample movies!  This includes a breathtaking 3D parachute jump!  This will be automatically included with your order.

105361S Deluxe Package, 2 pairs wireless glasses, Stereoscopic Player software, transmitter, free 3D Video $199.95
105361T Deluxe Tridef Package, 2 pairs wireless glasses, Tridef software, transmitter, free 3D Video $199.95
105361C Deluxe Combo Package, 2 pairs wireless glasses, Tridef software, Stereoscopic Player software, transmitter, free 3D Video (save $10!) $249.95
105362S Individual Package, 1 pair wireless glasses, Stereoscopic Player software, transmitter, free 3D Video $149.95
105362T Tridef Individual Package, 1 pair wireless glasses, Tridef software, transmitter, free 3D Video $149.95
105362C Combo Individual Package, 1 pair wireless glasses, Tridef software, Stereoscopic Player software, transmitter, free 3D Video $199.95

If you already own Stereoscopic Player or Tridef Software, you can get these without the software.

105361 Deluxe Package, 2 pairs wireless glasses, transmitter, no software. $149.95
105362 Individual Package, 1 pair wireless glasses, transmitter, no software.   $99.95

Extra 3D High Refresh Glasses with transmitter (no software, this is if you already have the software and a transmitter)

105329 High refresh glasses, 1 pair only   $79.95

Software only

Stereoscopic Player

3857  Stereoscopic Player Download, we will email registration code after payment  59.95

Try a test download! (this is a 1.2Mgbyte Zip file of the most updated version of Stereoscopic Player)

Tridef Visualizer

3858 Tridef Visualizer Software for Windows Download 49.95

If you are purchasing software only you will get the address of the web site for downloading and an activation code.  Any shipping charge which shows up in our cart for this item will be removed before charging you.  If paying by paypal do not include the itemized shipping charge.

Please see software settings.

For stereoscopic movies for this see 3D DVDs.

General questions regarding our 3D DLP Systems:

1. Is my television compatible with the 3D DLP System?

The 3D DLP system is compatible with Samsung and Mitsubishi televisions as well as those Samsung Plasma televisions which have the “3D Synch” output port on them.  This is a 3 pin “DIN” type connector and is identified as a 3D port on compatible televisions.

2. Does the 3D DLP System require a Computer.

As originally designed a PC with a minimum Duo Core processor, minimum 2 Gb of RAM and either an Nvidia or ATI Video card which has either DVI or HDMI output and is capable of displaying a 1080P signal was required.  The PC is not required if you are using the Mitsubishi converter to only view HDMI3D formatted programming.  Also, without the PC, you will not have the capability to convert 2D formatted programming into 3D.  And the 2D to 3D conversion does not work on standard 2D Blu Ray discs.

3. Can I watch regular television programs in 3D?

If the program is being broadcast in the HDMI3D format, and you have the Mitsubishi converter box, then yes.

4. Can I play my Xbox, PS2/PSC, Wii, etc games in 3D?

Very few of the games for these platforms are formatted for 3D.  However, there have been a number of recent releases which are formatted for 3D.  You would need to download the 3D Firmware upgrade from Microsoft (for the Xbox 360), or Sony (for the PS3) and then use our glasses and emitter.  Additionally, the Tridef ™ software includes drivers to play large number of PC games in full 3D.


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