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Images from NASA Mars Missions

Images from the Mars Spirit Rover 3dmarspanorama.jpg (75378 bytes)

Here are some anaglyph 3D images (red/blue or red/cyan) of the Mars Spirit Rover.

Click on images for a larger version

These should be viewed with anaglyph glasses.

landscapein3d.jpg (64850 bytes)
3dmarspanorama.jpg (75378 bytes)

The images on the JPL web site should be viewed using red/cyan anaglyph glasses.  Here are the best glasses for that.

MiraChrome 3D Anaglyph (red/cyan) Glasses

Now anaglyph glasses with a sturdy plastic frame, molded lenses and a mirrored finish.  These anaglyph glasses have a special dioptor adjustment that helps correct for color shifting.  This allows for a clear image and slight magnification of the image.  Great for using for the computer screen or for 3d books and comic books.  It has plastic frames and high quality acrylic lenses.  It is suitable for up to 6-8 feet away.

These are Red/Cyan glasses. This new formula addresses the INNATE problems with anaglyph. Red filters de-collimate light, causing soft focus and eyestrain.  The patent pending dioptor formula delivers a red image as sharp as the blue/green filter. Tests indicate the improvement to range from 3 to 7 times better acuity! The filters are density balanced to reduce retinal rivalry (darker red filter)! The cyan filter cancels red while providing natural skin tones... ending blue complexions! Slight power in both lenses makes viewing easier at computer distances. All are very scratch resistant, and optically SUPERB!  

Also unlike any of our other 3D glasses they have a mirrored coating which gives the viewer a more sophisticated look than someone viewing with obvious red/blue or red/cyan glasses.  This may be preferable in a professional or scientific setting.  They are also available in a special reading glasses format if less coverage is desired.

5851 MiraChrome 3D Anaglyph Glasses 8.95
5852 MiraChrome 3D Anaglyph Glasses Each (Qty. 2-9) 7.95
5853 MiraChrome 3D Anaglyph Glasses Each (Qty. 10-24) 6.95
5854 MiraChrome 3D Anaglyph Glasses Each (Qty. 24-39) 5.95

We now have a lower profile high style version of the MiraChrome.  This pair of glasses has the same lens as the MiraChrome but a narrower profile and may be considered more stylish.  See Photo.

5851R MiraChrome 3D Anaglyph High Style Glasses 8.95
5852R MiraChrome 3D Anaglyph High Style Glasses Each (Qty. 2-9) 7.95
5853R MiraChrome 3D Anaglyph  High Style Glasses Each (Qty. 10-24) 6.95
5854R MiraChrome 3D Anaglyph  High Style Glasses Each (Qty. 24-39) 5.95


New AnaChrome glasses perfect for Spy Kids 3D DVD.  
AnaChrome 3D Anaglyph (red/cyan) Glasses

These glasses are similar to the MiraChrome with one essential difference.  They have much less of a dioptor adjustment so they can be used for more distant viewing options such as TV, poster and movie viewing.  They only have a slight dioptor in the red eye to correct for color shift.  These are suitable for up to 20' away. Therefore, they are perfect for viewing anaglyph (red/blue) DVDs such as SPY Kids and Schrek 3D!!  Also for the Mars Pictures!

5861 AnaChrome 3D Anaglyph Glasses 8.95
5862 AnaChrome 3D Anaglyph Glasses Each (Qty. 2-9) 7.95
5863 AnaChrome 3D Anaglyph Glasses Each (Qty. 10-24) 6.95
5864 AnaChrome 3D Anaglyph Glasses Each (Qty. 24-39) 5.95

Anaglyph Glasses (red/cyan)

Same as above but with Cyan filters instead of blue.  Preferred by some 3D experts.

544C Cardboard Anaglyph Glasses red/cyan (qty. 2) 1.00
545C Cardboard Anaglyph Glasses red/cyan (qty. 10) 4.50
5450C Cardboard Anaglyph Glasses red/cyan (qty. 100) 42.00


Mars Pathfinder/Sojourner

 Here are images from the first Mars Landing
pathfinderrock2.jpg (59165 bytes)
pathfinderrock.jpg (118377 bytes)


CREATED BY THE Jet Propulsion Laboratory of CalTech from digital images transmitted by the earliest rover mission the Mars Pathfinder/Sojourner mission, these anaglyph slides give you a look at the surface of our solar system neighbor, the Red Planet.  The high resolution for slides is obtained by stitching together images from the mission so seam lines are apparent.

marsslides.gif (46540 bytes)There are 20 slides in the set that show such subjects as "The Rock Garden", "Calvin and Hobbes", "Barnacle Bill", and other views that created one of the greatest Internet events in history.

The slides are best viewed when they’re projected onto a screen of about 30x40 inches (at this size, you’ll be able to see some of the digital "splice lines" within the images). If you don’t have a slide projector and screen, though, you can still view them with a table-top slide viewer (we recommend a minimum viewing area of 6x6 inches or 15x15 cm, but larger is better). Each set includes a mission data sheet, two anaglyph viewers, and the slides come in a clear vinyl 20-pouch slide holder page that can be inserted in a three-ring binder. 


2304 Mars in 3D Slide set, with one pair of 3D glasses and fact book 14.95
2304T Mars in 3D Slide set, teaching pack, contains 21 pairs of 3D glasses and fact book, Save ~$2 22.95

Pathfinder and the Best of Mars

This CD contains 150 pictures on CD all royalty free, several video clips and 20 3D images from Mars.  All the images are generated from JPL first generation digital images.  The 3D images are anaglyphic (red/blue) and a pair of 3D glasses is included!  Also screen savers are included.  These images were taken by the Pathfinder landing craft and are all printable and usable.

Where before there was a flat plain we now see gulleys and canyons.  Yogi, barnacle bill and other formations will literally leap out at you from your monitor.  MAC and PC.


6886 Pathfinder, Mars in 3D CD-Rom 14.95

All images courtesy of JPL labs

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