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Marilyn Monroe 3-D Limited Edition OUT OF STOCK

By Frederic Cabanas

We have a few of these left.  Now signed by the Author Frederic Cabanas from Spain!!!

monroe3d.jpg (85506 bytes)This book based on 3D photographic techniques (conversions), together with a selection of images of Marilyn Monroe, the most glamorous actress of all time, as an approach to the 3D experience.  Through these photos, we can get a closer look at some episodes of her public and private life, while we relive a little bit of the golden age of Hollywood.

This is a limited edition which included only 1000 individually numbered books!  It contains nearly 100 prints.  The book is written in 3 languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and is a unique work.

The last 3 pages of the book goes over the 3D conversion process the author uses to convert the 2D images to 3D.marylinpair copy.jpg (714578 bytes)

Softbound, 96 pages, 28 stereo pairs (some in color), 6 anaglyphs, many 2D images.  The book contains a pair of 3D anaglyph glasses and a lorgnette although we recommend using our lorgnette or our Wheatstone viewer for the book as the images seem a little large for the lorgnette that is enclosed.

701 Limited Edition Marilyn Monroe Book, Includes 3D glasses and viewing lens 




540 Plastic Stereo Card Viewer (Lorgnette) More Info 3.00

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