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A Case of Levitation:
The Story of Frances Naylor

Limited Edition (300) View-Master set of "A Case of Levitation: The Story of Frances Naylor" by Christopher Schneberger. View-Master set comes with 2 reels (14 images) and printed insert detailing the story. The reels are new, custom made by Fisher-Price for the artist. Each reel is signed and hand numbered.

This set was made in conjunction with an exhibition by the same name, and features the images of Frances Naylor made by her father during her amazing period of levitation. Read below for a description of the exhibition:

Frances Naylor's legs were amputated when she was only two years old due to a circulatory problem. But when she was thirteen Frances began having powerful dreams that she could walk. One morning after such a dream, she woke to find she had the ability to levitate.

Her mother was a devoutly religious woman and forbade Frances from displaying this ability outside. Her father was fascinated however, and made a number of stereo photographs of his daughter as she floated about their house.

Just as mysteriously as it began, the ability to levitate was lost about a month later, and Frances sunk into a deep depression. She was later institutionalized and died later of pneumonia. The photographs which her father made remain as the only record of this amazing occurance.


6643 A Case of Levitation View-Master set (2 reels) $27.00
6644 A Case of Levitation View-Master set (2 reels) with viewer $30.00
Sample Images
view-master image view-master image


view-master image





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