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HUBBARD'S 3-D PUBLICATIONS have been used at the university level for decades in teaching air photo interpretation, geography, geology, and other related fields. Students have learned more about these subjects in a shorter time because the 3-D images make these books much more interesting and informative, particularly in cases where spatial relationships can't be visualized by looking at flat 2-D images. 

Each of these 8x11-inch (21.5x28 cm) books has been written or edited by an expert in the field, and although they were designed for student use, many non-students enjoy the 3-D images. To make the books easier to use, we've rebound them with Wire-O bindings so they lie perfectly flat for ideal 3-D viewing. 

Stereo Contours (Horace McMahan). 32 pages with text and 10 contour line stereo pairs of primary landforms, includes a short glossary of geologic terms used in the book.

695 Hubbard Stereo Contours $7.95

Reading Maps (Dr. Paul Riffel). 72 pages, an introduction to reading maps by comparing them to color stereo air photos (9 in this book) of the same area. Text discusses and explains map symbols, scales, contour lines, coordinates and direction, and air photo interpretation.

693 Hubbard Reading Maps $10.95

Stereo Atlas (Earth Sci. Curriculum Proj.). 50 pages, a pictorial work with very limited text, contains 50 plates, most of which use a combination of U.S. Geological Survey black & white stereo air photos, oblique air photos, and topographic maps to show terrain and landform features.

694 Hubbard Stereo Atlas  $11.95

Stereo Fossils (Philip Sandberg). 112 pages with 296 black & white stereo pairs (some created by transmission and scanning electron microscopes) of invertebrate fossils.

698 Hubbard Stereo Fossils $15.95

Stereo Rocks, Minerals, & Gems (David Techter)  64 pages with 157 color stereo pairs of rocks, minerals, and gems from the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. 4 of the stereo images are lunar rocks, and also included are 6 stereo photos of crystal system models.

697 Hubbard Stereo Rocks, Minerals, & Gems $15.95

Save over 10% by ordering all 5 books.

699 Hubbard Complete Set $71.95 

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